Friday, September 14, 2012

Best out of waste!

Low on your greens? Beauty still is cheap you know
Priceless rather! 

NYFW 2013: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is undoubtedly the designer that sets the look of the season as he makes it look like what he does is how you need to do it if you've got to keep pace with fashion. As directional as Marc Jacobs, the brand's SS13 collection was, I for one choose to bend head over heels on his Marc by Marc Jacobs offering. Its exactly what you wear to keep it fun! Surprising how seamlessly he made plaids in all sizes blend with prints and stripes. Love the fact that Summer 2013 is gonna look like this!

Have a peek..

In all fairness, doesn't this look remind you of what Aneeth Arora 
of Pero has been doing for most her seasons?

This look is gonna be a total sellout! Don't you agree?

Image Courtesy:

NYFW 2013 : Marchesa comes to India

India continues to inspire designers from the west and who better than Marchesa to do complete justice. Over the last few seasons, even though I have loved their collections but they seemed to have reached a plateau. Yes, it beautiful but you expect a twist and what a wonderful twist this is!

Catch their inspiration board here!

And the final outcome......

Totally lusting over the colors, embroideries, interesting versions of the Sari, brocade and the gorgeous lace!
Also they hit the bulls eye in their use of the right jewelry pieces. 
Marchesa does it again. Much love!

Throw on some Neon!

On my usual rounds on sourcing, there are times I find things, beautiful things. The good thing is when I go for sourcing in the middle of the month, I can squeeze in some cash for ticking them off my wishlist. Neon has been on my list since forever now but I somehow never gotten around buying it. Until today.

For Rs.950 at a fabric store called HP Singh at Nehru Place, New Delhi this buy is totally worth it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Opposites Attract!

New York Fashion Week begins with a much hyped start but to be honest of all the shows that are out, none of them inspire me. None. Its a shame.
Personally I find it easier to design for summers than for the cold dry winters and hence finding the right inspiration for me to work with holds a lot of importance. Hoping the next few shows exude some much needed energy and opens doors to new ideas. 

Till then, have a look at Thakoon Addition schiffly with knit sweater from his SS13 collection. This is one piece I want to have. Replicate maybe! *blush*

Will post a lust-worthy list soon! 

Of Mint and Gold Titbits

A typical Monday night.
Dying to hit the sack.
But in between the dullness is a bright moment. 
You start to work with an idea and within minutes, Voila! 

Excuse me for the grainy images but what can one do without a decent camera when inspiration strikes!

P.S. I made this! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Levis Go Forth!

Having posted the first video of Levis Go Forth advert back in October 2011, I didn't think they would follow it up and have their promotions based around it. It was tough to beat the first ad, but they did it brilliantly with the second.
These are the kind of advertisements that I don't mind interrupting my TV shows. Its surprising how much energy a single advertisement can exude!

You have have have have to watch it!
Yes I love it so damn much!

And we shall see this on loop till the weekend.