Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miroslava Duma

While researching for a project at work, i came across this lady. Effortlessly chic, edgy yet so feminine. Researching on her more i realized that she is Editor of Harper’s Bazaar (Russia) and now contributes to L’Officiel Russia, Glamour Russia, the style section at Russian OK Magazine, and Russian Tatler.

So adorable and such an inspiration !

Oh Aisha! Such a Disappointment

I almost forgot to mention about Aisha! When everyone started blabbering about Aisha being the Desi Sex and the City, i had to go and check it out for myself and what a waste of time it ended up being!

Casting: Spot on..
Characters: Couldn't be better
Clothes: Biggest of brands..visually very appealing
Acting: Bleh!
Storyline: What storyline? 
This is where the movie just collapsed and fell flat on its head. 
Did i hear something ?.. was it a movie crash ? 

*Tch tch *

Model Alert!

Freja Beha Erichsen is a Danish model that is suddenly everywhere to be seen. She has this androgynous vibe that surrounds her but there is still something very womanly about her as well. Having shot for back to back Vogue covers, she now seems to be the new color of the season.

She also happens to have 16 tiny tattoos scattered all over the body out of which "Tonight,the world is Mine" is inked on her wrist. That is something i could get scribbled on myself too. I love the sound of it. 

Banding my hair :P

Since the time i have cut my tresses, my mother wants them back again. So i am FORBIDDEN to mention at any given point of time that i want to go for a trim/get a new short hairstyle/get a fringe or even think about wanting this length of my hair for the rest of my life. no nO NO!

My short hair is fairly easy to manage. I don't have to comb them. Straighten them. Pin them. I just have to fairly wash them and i am set :). But i guess there is no fun if you don't play around with what you've got right?

I am on a hair accessory Search ! If any of you lucky ones know of places where i can pick more from..Contact me ASAP :)

Hint: I am looking out for hairbands that have feathers on them *Found one at Accessorize but itl burn a hole in my pocket if i buy that!

Sara Bareilles' "King of Anything" -- Official Video

I have been listening to this track by Sara since a week! It gets me alive every morning ! and the video is just so cute!

Defying Gravity!

OMG! Worth a watch!

IndiBlogger Meet: Mumbai

Its a little late in the day but i attended my first ever IndiBlogger Meet on the Sunday that just went by. By now every other blogger that attended the meet would have had a minimum of one post put up on each of their 4-5 blogs *how do these guys manage that!* Even though i maybe repeating the same thing by using the same words i think its worth mentioning on MY blog too! Hmph !

It all started with the Indiblogger team introducing themselves *entertaining*. The first thing i disliked about that part of the agenda was they kept repeating that "we dont know whats gonna happen today. Infact we don't even know what the agenda is!" *That joke of theirs kept boring me to no end !* Moving on, every blogger had to stand up and introduce themselves and get their 30 secs of fame. Some of them were very wacko i must say! 
Some that struck me were "10 reasons why to not Rape your Maid", "Storyteller lady", "Having more blogs than children", "Blogger who used to write about love stories,thoughts when after getting dumped shut down his blog to start a tech blog" *Tch tch*

Then there were some interactive sessions, high tea, entrance of Gul Panag with a healthy debate on Social Responsibility on social networking platforms *sounds interesting but i was fried by the end of it*. A movie screening followed by distribution of some freebies didn't quite attract me to stay on so i left. 

All in all it was a great experience to meet fellow Indian bloggers and discover what they all are up to, most of whom are tech bloggers or write about their personal experiences.

I don't mean to be mean but i might just not attend the next meet guys. Unfortunately i wasn't so impressed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finding Titbits .. :)

I work with crochet everyday. Lace/fabric/trims/buttons. But this is the first time ever i have seen such beautiful use of a crochet motif. And i had to find it on Etsy ofcourse.

These charming creations are by Tree and Kimball but you have to pay more than 2 grand to own a piece! Still check out their treasure chest! 
I insist!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Willow Creek signs ..

Just to tie you back in my loop, yes i am alive !

So im back after a very very long break .. exactly a month to be precise .. and its a good feeling. I haven't been inspired by a lot of anything .. nothing rather .. but not that it has been a boring month .. Now why would you even assume that ? *tch tch*

These entire 4 weeks have been all about work and work and more work! But unlike a lot of unfortunate beings, i practice what inspires me to do the most. Make clothes. Beautiful ones. :)

Also i have suddenly been on the look out for prints. All sorts of them. Florals/Geo/Graphic even literary.

Found Willow Creek Signs on my ever loved site Etsy. Aren't they just Adorable!
Having a quote like that on my wall.. will make be believe i could one day get into my good old short skirts as well !

Hope is what i thrive on.