Friday, July 9, 2010


Was Introduced to this track months ago by a friend and suddenly hooked so immensely to it that i have been listening to it non-stop since 4 days !

Isn't it the most blissful sound to hear during these rains? 
Just calms me down :)

In baubles and riches !

If any of you geeks are following me then you know what an accessory junkie i am .. you know that right.. ! ofcourse u do.. it was just another reminder :)
I now have my heart set on these pieces beautifully created by Erickson Beamon

Large Diamond stones don't get my attention that often but this sure is a beauty. 
This post reminds me.. I need to get some new accessories !! The last time i shopped for any was when i was a teenager !

H&M online Store Soon to open !

Well I have left this spot quite sad and dull and now its time to brighten my space up !
All you fashion babies ought to know that H&M is soon planning to come up with its online store in September and its about time !!!

*Not that i would shop online but its still so much better to see their new collections every once in a while! *

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seeking Solitude

Again i have been inconsistent with my posts. But of late i've been fairly inconsistent with any form of communication other than the proffesional concerns of work and a few talks with dad/mom/brother..... The week started with Parents travelling to Gujarat leaving bro n me at home for the whole week. However tempted i was to go out and have a good time with anyone i know i ended up being a girl sitting at home alone and watching some good old tv and hogging on some chips. I don't know whether is the weather that keeps making me low or is it my dire need of solitude. 

For now, i have decided im not going to move an inch from my bed to make any sort effort 
Swooning over Trespassers Williams - What of me *introduced to me by a post on my friend's blog*

This is just what i need ..