Monday, August 27, 2012

FNO 2012

Building hype around Fashion's Night Out a.k.a FNO, American Vogue has released a video starring musicians, actors, models and some of fashion's biggest names. Darren Criss of Glee's fame has sung a cover of Madonna's Dress Me Up that plays in the background of the video.

From the likes of Victoria Beckham, Justin Beiber to Usher and Marc Jacobs, all claiming to be there * in US ofcourse*, FNO is all about shopping from the biggest brands all night long on the same day in cities all across the globe.

I am hoping to catch the buzz first hand this time at DLF Emporio on 7th Sept! Will I be seeing any of you?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey I just met you and this is crazy!

I have been obsessing over finding inspiration to design the perfect business card for myself. Sort of a representation of me through my blog.
But I have a few conditions.
It has to be fun
It has to be rememberable
It has to be symbolic of my blog and maybe me too

It has taken me countless number of days to put together images of business cards that I am inspired by
Here have a look..

Business cards now have taken a whole new meaning!
These prove to be great inspirations for my card as well..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Personal Shopper Guide

Being in fashion opens up a myriad of occupations to choose from. But have you ever considered being a Personal Shopper? A personal shopper is someone who you give an idea as to what you would like to buy and in turn, the PS will get you on track with trends and pick up pieces for you that suit your personality the best while maintaining budgets. This career option is slowly on the rise as people who can afford these services and are perpetually on a time crunch or even bored to go shop!
How convenient  is it to shell out some greens and while you are working against your deadlines or chilling with friends, your personal shopper is on the run for you!

While in most parts of the world shoppers charge a bomb, Topshop happens to be one store where they cater to customers for free! Beat that!

Read up on this article about Topshop's very own Personal Shopper Becky Andrews and the way they work it.



The future belongs to the curious.....
The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.

Bubble lip

Loving this look! This is just the right amount of make up i think i can take ..
I will be seen sporting this soon! 
Till then .. 

And then..

Photo courtesy: paperfashion

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Hab

All through my design school, I have always had a dream. To build a one-stop-shop for all materials that a designer needs while making a collection. Be it fabric, sewing equipments, threads, tools, tapes, laces, and the works. I wouldn't actually blame The Hab for making it happen way before I can but nonetheless I cringe at the thought I could have made this! 
Anyway lets throw the grudges in the pool, and rise up to the one-of-a-kind concept called The Hab. Bringing together design, craft and fashion in one melting pot, the store caters to all your sewing needs in a revolutionary way and making it look all cool. 
I haven't been to the store personally but of what I have heard and seen through images, it does look neat and clutter free which is a common sighting in stores that caters to designers. Glad USHA took the decision to launch it at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 giving it a much needed exposure at the right platform.

The Hab also boasts a signature window at the entrance with an art installation by Manish Arora

Wish we had such stores when we would be in design school! These would have made our lives much easier!

Photo Courtesy: The Hab

English Vinglish

Recently caught the trailer of 'English Vinglish' in which SriDevi is set to make her comeback. While the theatrical trailer looks fun, SriDevi is on the roll!

Also Sridevi is seen here at the first preview of the movie with her family. Can you say she is just turned 49? 

Dresses top to bottom in Sabyasachi, she walked the ramp for PCJ Delhi Couture Week a while back. Its tough to look out of place when you are dressed in Sabya. 

Also looking absolutely stunning was Sonam Kapoor wearing a 'Anamika Khanna' draped blush pink sari with a stark black blouse making it an interesting contrast! Totally loved her get-up, the hair and that Polki neck piece is something that I would surely die for! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One More Night..

I have been waiting to fall in love with another Maroon 5 song especially after 'Moves like Jagger' became so viral and now I cant bare to even listen to 20 seconds of that song.
One More Night is one song that I heard over the radio on my way to work and instantly I fell in love with it..

Currently on loop! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

That Burberry Jacket!

Since the time I watched the movie 'Cocktail', I have been swooning over this Burberry jacket that Deepika Padukone has worn in the movie repeatedly. Also the fact that I have moved to Delhi, I am eagerly waiting for the winters to start so that I can put together my winter wardrobe for the first time ever!

The bad thing about this is that I currently *or maybe forever* cannot afford this Burberry jacket.
The good thing about this is that ZARA has come out with a watered down version of the same 
jacket and is currently selling in stores! 

Need to get my hands on this! Need to get my hands on this!

Adidas collab with Nicky Minaj!

If you ask me, personally not a fan of Nicky Minaj but that has got nothing to do with the pop icon she has become and the smart business woman she is. After her collaboration with Pepsi & cosmetic giant M.A.C, her next association is with Adidas. Me thinks this is the best time for any celeb to associate themselves with any sportswear brand as the London Olympics is in full swing and is garnering more than billion people's attention.

This video is shot in different locations across the world at the different times with Nicky Minaj & Big Sean with designer Jeremy Scott strutting and dancing on Nicky's song 'Masquerade'. Of what I can spot, I absolutely hate what Nicky is made to wear and honestly this collaboration doesn't get me excited at all!

Still, have a look...

What do you think?