Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Miss Perfect :)

My own Little Miss Perfect Wallpaper .. only item missing is her spectacles ..
*Bless you Photoshop*

Blah ..

Obsession with flowers on the side of head 
Red lipstick
Starry Shrug *stitched by me*
Love for Jhumkas ..
Resulted to this .. 

M so bored .. i could play fancy dress .. *Sigh*

Up in the ATTIC !

I have been wanting to go down to the ATTIC since the time i have passed through that lane in Santacruz .. but recently i was lucky to come across their website when my mother was at the dentist !! So without moving an inch from my comfortable table chair .. I logged onto their site and entered the Attic .. !

P.S. Notice the PLAYCLAN pillow covers !!! So u do get Playclan's stuff in Mumbai ! Such Joy ! :)

This tiny little Attic showcases a lot of little rats .. most of them upcoming, fresh and new designers. Such places are a gem to any budding designer who wants to showcase their talents and with a VM like theirs .. anyone would certainly fill up their Attics with their stuff as well ! ;)

Pictures courtesy:

JoiN the PlaY ClaN !!

One Monday morning, we decided to PLAY.
A trippy day with meanderings and moods, rebellious outbursts,
and runaway ideas. A PLAY world was born.
As ideas proliferated like a sci-fi virus, an entirely new world was imagined.
A world where play was work and work was play.

And the CLAN followed.

A world with similar differences.
Clones-malleable & flexible characters, quite unlike brand mascots
with vested interests. Mute and spontaneous. Emotive and playful.
As deviant, as nuts, as shy, as stylish, as private, as loud, as inquisitive,
as cool as us. The clones. Them. Us.Us.Them.
PLAY quickly became a growing clan and thus was born, PLAYCLAN.
A parallel world. An alternative reality.

My Lo0ve for the kitschy and quirky world of fashion started from PLAY CLAN.. It is quite sad that i posted about this amazing Clan *I prefer calling them a Clan than a Brand* now .. but better late than never .. 

Even though i have no complaints from any of the collections they have dished out .. I just cannot get over the "Loveless" collection and their work on "PsycheDelhi" .. Brillant work boys and girls ..
Unfortunately i haven't come across any of their pieces in Mumbai .. Saali Delhi has everything  :(

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P McQueen..

I come back to my blog after long but with no joy as i hear one of not only mine but every fashion lover's favorite designer Alexander McQueen is now no more..
To what reports say till now that one of the greatest minds has committed suicide.. reasons unknown.

I have no words .. I just can't come to terms with it ...
His absence will haunt forever ..