Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail Tale

I was surprised myself when I google'd Nail art 2 days back. Friends who know me well know that the last thing i could care about is my nails. Or maybe its not even the last thing. But out of curiosity i did google and found some crazy stuff happening on the nail front. Applying 3 coats of nail polish is just so passe now. Its all about the texture these days.. 
Glitter, printed nails, matt and shine combinations, neon, stripes, color block, you name the trend and it has filtered down till your cuticles! 

Love the Ombre! 

Its all about the texture!

Black tiping

Off to get a manicure! 
Have a great Sunday peeps!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get Nasty!

Wanna get some nasty sunglasses this summer? Head straight to Nasty Gal for some real bad ass accessories. No one is doing this better than them! Totally digging these!

Lure someone bad...

Cloudy afternoon
Pouring rain
Cuppa coffee
Sitting by the window
Feeling the droplets 
And for some reason this is the song I wanna hear. On loop.

How soothing is Amanda Seyfried's voice?
Didn't know she could sing in the first place!


Dye & Tie & Dip & Dye!

Everyone seems to be jumping on the dye bandwagon! 
Everyone seems to be tie & dyeing
Everyone seems to be dip-dyeing

Tops, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, vases, pillows even hair! 
And I am loving this coloroma

Dip yourself in color this season, partially though ;)



Hippie wardrobe

Dip your dreads!

Rainbow pastry!




Monday, July 9, 2012

The SRK & Chain Link

As Delhi lacks in selling cheap junk jewelry, your best bet is undoubtedly Forever 21.
As the accessories available there are so affordable yet trendy, I am getting into the habit of picking a few pieces up every once in a while.

My last pick was this earring that has a single gold stud for one ear and a chain link with a stud and a clip on with an aztec design on it and I just can't stop wearing these!

They go with absolutely anything that I choose to wear as the single chain doesn't look dramatic or goth inspired either. 
Ok, so I am gonna make a weird comparison now.. but if you are an accessory junkie like me then you will not only remember but also agree with me.. 

See the similarity? 

Way back, when the 'Josh' released, these ear clips worn by SRK and Aishwariya Rai *who acted as fraternal twins, hence worn by both #Lame! * became very popular and secretly I loved them and now proudly flaunt a version! 
Tsk tsk! 

Culture Clash!

 Sharing with you a photoshoot in Vogue Korea i recently came across that is just so inspiring! The juxtaposition of the setting (the exquisite traditional Peruvian folk style of Cusco, Peru) and the subject (model Han Hye Jin wears spring collections from Roberto CavalliBalmainPrabal Gurung and Salvatore Ferragamo) is complex but breathtaking. It's the combination of two exotic cultures, blending in a cultural feast for the eyes. Props to Alexander Neumann for capturing these stunning photographs.