Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Having come across this band through my dearest's blog *Different Stars*, i fell instantly in love with them..
'Polica' is a Minneapolis Indie Rock band with an electronic and R&B feel. The lead vocalist Channy Leaneagh will mesmerize you and I bet you can spend evenings listening her sing..

This is one band to keep an eye on .. Polica-Wandering Star

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bollywood and fashion: Clutch it!

We all have those moments when you inherit that gorgeous vintage chiffon sari from Mom or you have got to attend a big Indian wedding and we spend hours putting together our look but eventually forget about picking the right accessories along with it..
Although I have my jewelry/shoes in places, I more so than ever forget about the clutch I have to carry! Always to be honest! 

'Lovetobag' is an upcoming designer handbag and clutch brand emphasizing on intricately crafted products and I am in love with them! 

Lovetobag: Silk queens clutch

                              Lovetobag: Fluo clutch
Lovetobag: Pure silk antiquity clutch

The zardozi embroidery, metal fittings and royal colors prove to be your best bet for all those special occasions as they can be easily paired with traditional Indian as well as western occasional wear 

~* Bollywoodandfashion Go have a look! Bollywoodandfashion *~


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lace Solace

Just a bunch of lace images that have been inspiring me lately.
So gorgeous! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiffany Blue

This shade of blue is currently making the waves all over. I call it the 'Tiffany Blue'. There is hardly a chance that you enter a store and if this color is present, can you miss it. It is grabbing my attention wherever i go.


Street shots: ASOS

Bowling bag from Forever 21
Tiffany blue heels from ZARA 

Platform heel sandal + Ballet flats from Zara

Still haven't been able to find the right garment, my next obvious choice would be to pick up an accessory in this shade and earrings from Forever21 it was!

So pretty! *tears of joy*

Have a great week y'all!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bollywood and fashion: Get home some blue today!

Yes its Friday and its time for some Bollywood and fashion!
Their new offering this week is something to look out for.
The collection dedicated to their color of the month: Nautical Blue puts together a whole fun range for every kind of need that will throw your blues away!

CLIQUE blue-gold set of 6 bangles

CLIQUE Broad metallic bangle with studs

Cheap Sex Blue boxers

Cheap Sex blue wallet
KUNST blue printed clutch
KUNST Turq Envelope clutch

The story extends to clothing and accessories for men and women as well! Its not just the beginning of the week that you will be feeling the blues, it now extends to the whole month! *pun intended*.

~* Bollywoodandfashion Go check it out! Bollywoodandfashion *~

This place blew my mind.

Lajpat Nagar. The Prakash Collection. Any lace/trim/ribbon/metal chains/tassels u want under the face of the  Earth, i bet they have it stocked somewhere here. Or else you will end up picking up stuff that you didn't think you need it but after seeing it, you obviously do!

See it to believe it..

Couldn't take my eyes off these for a good 5mins!

 Bed of laces

 Lets play #Find Mrinal Jain! :P
The neck piece catalogue

Beaded strings on twill tape used for piping on edges

More of those tipsy neons

Lace galore!

Poly cotton bunches on net

Sequin tapes

Lehenga embroidery borders on velvet

A part of our shopping

Did it blow your mind too?
I bet you just gasped.

Sarojini Nagar #Trip 3

You are definitely gonna see me posting a lot of purchases from Sarojini Nagar. Its so cheap its cruel to not shop!!

Here are my purchases from my Trip 3 to my very dear SN..

Front: Viscose/ Back: Rayon Cotton tye and dye craxk wash with embellishment on front
top for Rs.100/-

Neon animal print poly embellished ganji, Rs.100/- again!

Beaded neckpiece for Rs.80/-

Matt black + Fluorescent Neon handles for Rs.130/-

Adding all 100+100+80+130= Rs.410/-
The joy when you get back home and everything fits perfectly= Priceless!
Love thy Sarojini