Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lady Gaga.Beyonce on their Telephone !!!

Getting to know this piece of information freaked me out a bit! These ladies are hitting it off one after the other. "Video Phone" is Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga that I mentioned in the earlier post & now "Telephone" is the song by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce !!!

Unfortunately the video isn't out yet, but I did hear the song and its sooo much more better than "Video Phone"!
I was so happy to hear a good piece coming out from these women!
*I want to write about other people now .. I have had enough of you both ! *


Beyonce.Lady G on their "Video Phone"

When Miss. B got Shakira into her bandwagon.. they created a sizzle you couldn't take your eyes off .. But recently Beyonce decided to rope in the infamous Lady Gaga in her new video,"Video Phone". This pairing sure gets the looks but after watching the video, i can't be more disappointed. 

In the video, for starters, *yes, i have a lot of things to say* I do NOT like her black and white tribal costume and the hideous makeup.. (she looks like Trya Banks !)
Secondly, the one millisecond flipping of the scene back and forth really makes me Dizzy! ..
You have to agree with me that the lyrics suck ! and Whats with all the B grade gun shots?

In my opinion, Beyonce didn't gain much by adding Gaga in her much hyped video. This could have been such a good alliance but they just don't seem to connect like Beyonce & Shakira did ..
I am still sticking to Single Ladies! *its so much more fun!*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Sure Gonna Remember This !

You say the word "Twilight" and you are bound to hear girls start talking and chattering .. and as soon as you mention Robert Pattinson .. save yourself from the orgasmic sounds women make ! However embarrassing they are, this guy is sure worth every woman's lust..
After The Twilight Saga:New Moon, we will see Mr. Robert in a non-vampire Remember Me. Story of a teenage rebellious boy facing real issues with his father, played by Pierce Brosnan, ever since their family got separated.

The poster looks worth remembering! Have a sneak peek at the Trailer ..

Movie hits theaters on 2nd  April, 2010..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make Way for Jeggings!

Is it a pair of Jeans ?
Is it Leggings??
No No you two .. Don't you know about JEGGINGS?
A new addition into the world of fashion ..these new age Jeggings are *by now you must have got it* a breed between jeans and leggings

I can't figure out who the inventor of Jeggings is?
What must he be thinking .. Jeans are comfortable but not as comfortable as leggings .. but leggings don't look like jeans .. ummm .. Eureka!! I should create Jeggings.. ! *Oh My!*

Jeggings from TOPSHOP

In my opinion, its exactly like what I would do when I would see a rotten rat .. eww away from me ! I think they are absolutely hideous .. !
Wat you think?

Spring Has Arrived For TOPSHOP!

My 50th post and what better to post about than one my most favorite brand TOPSHOP!
Spring has arrived for TOPSHOP and like always their pieces never fail to disappoint Me.. Rather this time I am  loving everything!
What would Spring be without all these pretty floral prints? And this time .. there are roses on Jeans too !! Boy i wish I could get these ..God get TOPSHOP in India pleaseeee...
Till we are blessed .. lets just have a look and be jealous ..

I Wanttt !!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finding Titbits ..

You always come across things that you end up loving the most accidentally..Just as I did now..
I bumped into SparklePeach and found the Titbits I love..
A single mother with two daughters creates these absolutely lovely vintage necklaces with owls, birds, roses as the focus.
I am sure I won't end up purchasing them as I am not a fan of online shopping & find it difficult to shell out money from dad's credit card.. anyways *getting back to topic* There is no harm in appreciating rather than anything else ..

Even though I adore all pieces, among the pictures above I am a tad bit partial towards the one with the book and the cat glasses as the pendants.. suits a geek like me :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

The year has changed and with changing seasons its time for trends to see the change as well .. With a power-packed end to 2009 with all the metallics, studs & power dressing .. 2010 sees a new bright ray of sunshine..
As the last of the winter snow flakes dry away .. its time to gear up for Spring! And when you see Luella's pretty  little dresses will see the joy of a new season too!
The cutesy, teeny polka dotted & rose printed dresses in cheerful and bright lipstick red, camel, sugar pink with sunshine yellow bows welcome the coming season with a bright smile !

Its time to be a Girl again .. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing In The Perfect New Year !

Sitting in a cyber cafe .. I just cannot control my itch to post my 1st write-up in 2010!
The end of 2009 gave me my perfect beginning.. Instead of going out and partying till dawn.. I decided to stay in my nest watching Sex & the City on HBO and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with my favourite bowl of Maggi noodles & a Big Dairy Milk bar till the clock hit 12 ..
Even though I am neither blessed with jaw-dropping clothes nor with Victoria Secret Model body ..I was surprised to feel very comforted watching them both! *Maybe it was the cheese & chocolate running through my blood!*

As soon as last few seconds passed away .. we celebrated my dearest Daddy's birthday ! Hes 53 now .. and am 20 ! 21st century is sure running fast !

Staying at home and looking out of the window bought me the greatest pleasure .. Good thing about modern day homes is you can peep into their houses whenever you want ! During the regular days of the year .. you can see families doing the rugular things .. but yesterday i could see little girls screaming Happy New Year in their pygamas !! .. Families taking pictures together.. A father blessing his little son ..

I just couldn't be happier .. I had the best time looking at the life around me ...
Happy New Years Everyone .. My Warm Wishes ...