Sunday, June 27, 2010

Falling flat on their Jimmy Choo's !

So i finally got the time to see the much awaited Sex and the City 2 and i am sure you are wanting to know what i think about it :P

Well not all movies/sitcoms have such a big influence on fashion but SATC did darn good job with its 1st round. By now i did hear a lot of reviews trashing the movie and clothes and storyline *not that it has something new ever*. I do read a lot of feedbacks after a movie release but i still go and pay to see it if i find it interesting. Thus, i went for it today.

Firstly I started getting immensely bored in the beginning with the whole marriage scene and was waiting for the drama to unfold. But nothing really happened throughout the movie. It was dull and it lacked The Sex and the City spunk without a doubt. The clothes just seemed too flashy to me and everyone looked so botoxed! Patricia Field *celebrity stylist responsible for all the clothes/accessories worn by the leading starlets* maybe was on a different track when she selected some of pieces that looked oddly matched rather than an interesting mixed print. And if she has the time can she also explain why was there soo much bling in EVERY single garment?

More than anything i was expecting the world of dreams to pour out from my 2:25 minutes in the theater but i ended with a review much like a million others. 

A few lifts here and a little fold there.. and Voila !

There is one thing i have realized. I could never change my profession and be an interior designer or even do up my own house!.. I completely lack the understanding of how and what to do when you are given a piece of space to shape up. I get so fumbled but these guys know a lot more than what we could even think of .. !

A video is came across on youtube..... where else !?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hate and then love to Death!

I don't know why but this tends to happen EVERY single time with everything or anyone i am involved with in any way. I always begin with hating something so terribly but then ultimately bitter hate turns to beautiful never ending love! So by now, i know how things would usually turn out. i shall explain using real life encounters to make it easier for the less blessed :)

E.g. 1 : I hated cheap Punjabi numbers in the beginning .. but now i jump and wave like my fellow Punjabis when i hear 3rd grade songs like Amplifier *that i also posted on my blog a while back*

E.g 2 :  I hated my every best friend and boy encounter but ended up falling in complete and utter selfless love with each one of them

E.g 3 : I HATED Proenza Schouler's Spring 2010 RTW .. the fashion blokes will be pointing fingers at me when i say this .. but now i have to admit .. im in LOVE again !

I am in love with it so much that i instantly picked up a fabric that reminded me so much of this collection from a local shop! 

I have to agree that deciding fabrics is a huge confusion when u have the same print (as above) in soo many vibrant colours !! I am usually a basic colour person and choose greys/blacks/dead pinks/blues without a wink than any of these trippy hues. 2meters is enough to make a careless kaftanesque topfor myself so that i can roam around carefree on an empty beach somewhere in Goa with some refreshing coconut water ..

Photos courtesy : Style

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Singing along the RainDrops

This would be the first video i would show my daughter if i had one .. 
Such an adorable video..
 Reminds me of times we would indulge in some pictograph games! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashion Bloopers ..3

You know that once in a while i post a fashion blooper.. This happens to be my 3rd !

You can still be a superman even if u wear your boxer shorts on the outside 
instead of those red crotch clinging briefs..
They have denim pockets too ! 

Its all about the comfort my daring supermen 

P.S. Drop your jaw when i tell you they are a Dolce & Gabbana creation!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion's Entry in the Animal Kingdom!

Fashion has long been inspired by all forms of nature. Floral prints, Flower embellishments, animal prints being the most over saturated. Now it seems like fashion is taking a sudden entrance into the Wild!
Hard to imagine? I shall explain through pictures:

It all seem to start with Miu-Miu, harmless little cats and dogs and swallows hovering in their prints.

Dolce & Gabbana knitted Reindeers for their A/W 2010 R-T-W collection

You cannot leave behind Roberto Cavalli when you talk about animal prints, now can u ?

Back in national boundaries, we all loved Rimzim Dadu's A/W 2010 collection that she proudly showcased at Spring/ Resort Lakme fashion week 2010 *tch tch*. Was lucky enough to see the show live and i adored every bit of the negative energy that floated. The owls were just so gorgeous! 

Chopard jumps right into the wild celebrating its 150th Anniversary with its Animal Kingdom Collection exploring a variety of animal motifs as centre pieces for their watches and jewelry

 A whole lot of pretty animals to adorn this season! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eiffel on my neck

We are a pack of 4 really really close friends that have stuck to each other since school and if we go touring it usually happens that any one of us gets the other three something.. 

One of my best friends came back from Hong Kong and i am so delighted she got me this !

I am an absolute accessory junkie and i cannot leave behind a classic neck piece if i spot one. Having been on the look out for the perfect Key charm for the longest of time, my search having this piece with me has ended. This also doubles up as my birthday present! 

Dedicated to V 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

See.. Observe.. Grasp.. Comment !

Interning with an export house has by far been my best rendezvous with fashion. I had no idea i would learn so much. I am not going to discuss what brands the company deals with or any of their of their designs ofcourse! But I can indulge in saying that today i received a "Trend Presentation" aka "Inspirations" pdf file sent by a buyer (high end UK based brand). It includes the best kept info on fashion forecasts, colour forecasts, fashion influences, influence of music/art/celebrities/bloggers on upcoming trends and styles not only for clothing but also for accessories that are anticipated for the next year's season.

When i was going through the pages in this pdf file, i was soo overwhelmed! After a very long time something inspired me to such an extent that i could not stop flipping through the document pages. So many pictures! so much to grasp! So much of Fashion ! A lot of my questions on Couture & Avant Garde have been answered because I am getting to understand the business of fashion better .

Landing on a different tangent..I have always believed that fashion is a luxury. Everyone can live without it. If a man/woman was asked to live in a set pair of clothes, he/she wouldn't die! Its because we have the time, money, and will to experiment with looks, clothes and the desire to feel good about ourselves that makes fashion accessible. Its all a matter of time when designer clothing trickles down to high end stores and then gets mass produced in the same styles that are tweeted to suit a larger section of customers.

I don't know how I have ended up writing such vague random things but i had to express myself somewhere! What better than my blog which also doubles up as my diary !

Coming back,I shall be informed if i can be hired on the 17th of June. I am trying not to think of the results but if this doesn't turn out to way i want it to be, my next interest is to pursue a job at a fashion magazine Giant like Vogue *read only Vogue*. Its the next and only thing that makes sense to me!

Now that i have mentioned Vogue, it reminds me to talk about the June issue that is out now. It seems blah to me. The cover to begin with is not inviting at all! Jacqueline Fernandez!! Really ? Vogue didn't get anyone better? Its sad they couldn't even dress her well !

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier's Plastic dreams with Melissa

Known worldwide for its innovations with shoes using Plastic, Melissa, a Brazilian brand, will now be showcasing its brand new shoe designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself !! .. 
The USP of this shoe is that it is completely Recyclable and goes out in stores in June and is priced at $160

Methinks the 10cm long plastic heels look quite sassy yet very commercial!