Monday, January 31, 2011

Owning Titbits.. :)

Season end sales are on everywhere .. and the brand "Lifestyle" being next door to me .. I usually end up flocking there every second evening .. for the love of window shopping
Lifestyle stocks small amounts of a particular brand called "ToniQ". I happened to browse through the section and honestly its not THAT great .. but its picking up slowly and steadily .. and its prices are affordable as well.

I am going to keep an eye on this one. I have had enough of Tribal Zone in every mall !

This is what i picked up from ToniQ .. Super cute and value for money at just Rs.199/-

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its been 8 months since i chopped my locks .. *8 months already !!!* And so my hair took the liberty of forming a weird shape on its own.. and not a very attractive one.
So i decided to take a plunge again and give myself an advanced look.
A cut thats easy to maintain .. needs no blow drier or straightener *which i don't need coz i already have straight hair* is what i am always after and thats what i got .. with a fringe ofcourse .. :)

The drama queen in me had to come out .. as you can see in the pics 
*tsk tsk*

Also a lot of thoughts are running in my head .. a viscous circle of things it meant to happen .. ? will i be ready for it ? what about everything else ? Has the race come to an end or i am at the beginning of another .. 
Heavy stuff .. 
Take my advice .. its not easy being a girl .. ! Phew .. 
Be a man instead .. or a slutty secretary 

Friday, January 28, 2011

And you're in my Mirror because .. ??

So i've just got home after watching a spectacular movie called BURLESQUE..
The glam
The oomph..
The tease..!
Its growing on me so much that even when there were 4 other people besides me in the theater.. I felt like i was a part of a crazy audience sitting there to watch a great show !

The casting couldn't be better ! So spot on ..
Cher was her glamorous best even at an age of 71!! *I can only wish to be as fit & sexy at age even close to 50 !*
Christina Aguilera is blessed with voice of the Heavens ! 
Stanley Tucci is always a pleasure to see 
Cam Gigandet *Lustingggg *
Perfect Posterboy !

Ahem Ahem!
Anyhoo .. back to the discussion.. 
A must watch for all you dance and drama fanatics.. I love-d-d-d every bit of it .. even the costumes and the make-up!

Shimmy'ing away the night ... so in the mood .. Ta-daaaaa

The Call of the Future

You have to see it to believe this
I am NOT kidding !

Still believe you need an iPhone or a Blackberry after this ?

Elie Saab 2011 Couture Collection

How can anyone go wrong when they wear an exquisite Elie Saab creation ?
He somehow manages to always get it right.. seasons after seasons churning out extra ordinary gowns and dresses which are soon strutted on red carpets all over the globe ..

Elie Saab 2011 Couture

I think i lost my breath somewhere ..

Images Courtesy:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clicks ..

You wouldn't realize of how many textures you can find in the most uninspiring of spots.
I share my room with my brother and given the limited space that i can call myself my own i decided to give it some exposure to the World Wide Web :P

Random Clicks.. 

Heart shaped Paper clips :)

I love to check out DIY Projects ..Some of them are so simple that make me think why didn't i think of that !
This Heart shaped paper clips from How About Orange is so darn simple yet adorable that you would find it irresistible to try it right now!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and such little acts could spruce up a lot of love between anyone anywhere!
So Cute !
I am gonna make a few and spread the love too 

12 Wives in Tehran

The first thing that caught onto me was the name of the track "12 Wives in Tehran" Now how often does a title of a track comes with a name like this !
Second : Nadia Ali .. Always an attraction
And after this Serge Devant ..

Finally comes a track where the Arabian sounds feel nice !
Wish this song was supported by a video ..
For now ignore the hopeless clips used as a backdrop.. 

Bootie Call ;)

So I am in a super foul mood right now.. Hoping by the end of this post I am a wee bit cheered up.
The whole of the city had a bag from ZARA *Mumbai* when the sales were on .. They are still sweeping out the old stuff now.. And of all the leftovers being shoved out .. look what I found !!

*I happen to love blurry images.. Something about it that sets a mood*

*Weeeeeeee .. !!*

After sale I had to pay a mere Rs.990 for these lovelies !!
In the words of the world famous Mr.McDonald," I AM LOVING IT !" 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The "KEY" to my transfers

Are you among those you are always transferring files off your pc ? ............ *Shout* yes!
Are you among those who has a loser looking pendrive?                 ............ *Scream* Yes!!
Are you always loosing your pen drive in the ultimate time of need? ............ *Pulling your Hair* yes Yes YES! ! 

Tonight i give you the KEY Solution !

You can purchase a lousy 2GB yet totally desirable Key for sky whopping $58 Here
I know you want to kiss my feet for sharing such information with you. I know. 

P.S. Don't you dare ! Ew. 

Pantone Chip Cookies !

This has to be by far the coolest edible item i have come across in my life !!
And I know all you design junkies will stare at my post for almost 15 mins trying to absorb this !
Behold ......................................... PANTONE CHIP COOKIES !!

I couldn't stop myself from posting about the totally awsome Kim Neill. Kim happens to be a freelance designer and an illustrator who was inspired by these Pantone Tin Boxes! 
She worked with Royal Icing to create the exact colours and even burst her "luster dust" to create the Metallic  Chip cookie!
You can find out more about Kim and her recipe HERE 

* Right now I am imagining myself in my office sitting with my Pantone tin box and with every doubt in a choice of color .. I pick a cookie and say " Ah! this tastes the right Colour ! Voila ! " tsk tsk ..*
Life would be a happy place :)

Is a certain Ms. La Porte digging into the recipe already ?? 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ultimate Lust !!

This Neckpiece has officially topped my "I WANT" list ! 

I do have a neck chain which has two pink feathers but they are never enough . . . 


In the Mood ...

Just some images floating in head .. 

Finding Titbits # ... *Lost Count*

Some more pieces to lust for...

All of these are creations of Anna Ren from Too Fashion which is based in China. 
Check their prices through the link .. Dirt cheap for these beauties !! 
Its hard for me to choose my fav one from all of these .. but something says I am going totally bonkers over the Robot and the red heart with wings.