Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the Details ..

I have been an avid reader of Vogue India .. and cant get my hands off it as soon as it arrives my doorstep..This time's Vogue has really made me believe that Vogue India is getting better by each running issue .. especially Kareena's styling for the cover as well as for her 7 page feature is just perfect .. 

There was this one particular outfit by Matthew Williamson that caught my eye .. which reminded me that i haven't had a look of his 2010 Collection..
And when I did check out his line .. all there was to his collection was in the details ...
It occurred to me that we Indians still use Sequins & Embroideries in the traditional floral or paisley patterns while the same set of glitters are used by them to form geometric & abstract designs making it look oh so desirable !

Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer Ready to Wear 2010

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A Little Shilpa on Lady GaGa..

I have been everywhere except this blog of mine in quite a while .. I am not ashamed to blame it on my ever breaking down laptop !! .. i think shes very emotionally n physically unstable ..
Anyways .. now that shes back in shape .. I have to post something to keep this space alive !

And what better to start off than to mention about Lady GAGA's headgear designed and created by our very own LITTLE SHILPA for the cover of Flair Magazine from Canada !!
Shilpa used “about 900 small crystals and approx 40-50 large ones. The crystal transfers took about 2 days and the building of the piece about 3 hrs”.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Dark, wet and a spongy layer, 
Wraps me up with a safety gear.

A radiant light enters my shell,
I hear a woman yell!

This is the world, this is the norm, 
Thousands of questions in my mind roam.

These are your hands and these are your feet, 
With the society you ought to be sweet.

But what is the society?
And why are there rules?
What is this life?
And why are we treated like mules?

Why should I go to school mother?

Why should I mimic another’s dream? 
Why can’t I discover for myself

The basic motive of my being?

We are all the puppets of God my dear,
We must adhere to our form.
We are continually prodded by sin and fear,
Inherently we must resign to this norm.

Society and people dictate my life,
At 25 I Must become a wife.
I’m ripped of my basic attire,
At 60 I Must retire.

Now I face the withered being in the mirror,
Suddenly there is a burst of terror,
I shiver as my muscles tense,
Deceit is what I strongly sense.

I am successful,
This is my name,
This is my body,
This is my frame.

But if this is my body,
What is my soul?
Who am I,
After all?

How did I enter the dark wet shell?
Who played this trick so well?
My torso will wither once I die,
But where will “I” go I fail to defy.

Why did I do all that I did?
Why was there good & bad deed?
Why did I follow the rule?
Why was I such a big fool?

But alas, I had to fulfill my deed,
Whether good or bad I was made to do what I did.
I Had to follow THEIR rule,
Or I would have been ‘their’ fool.

By our very own

I remember this poem when my classmate and friend Heta had written it .. and all of us got together and one by one read this poem in class.. Gosh ! How easily life runs .. ! I am in my Final Year of College already ! ..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project Deconstruct ..!

My beloved Mother was going through a shelf where we stock everything old yet hesitate to give away ..As i was between work, i was on the verge of losing my brain seeing the mess!
When suddenly i came across a very old Lehenga that i had gotten made from my Mom's saree YEARS AGO ! But somehow still this piece looks young and classic !

It a Jet Black Lehenga * what else do i need!* , Decorated with Silver embroidery using wheels and scallops as pattern.

I have luckily found this dying piece at the right time .. weddings are on the way .. and deconstructing this piece somehow to suit my needs now will do the needful !...

Running to Revamp my once fav Lehenga !

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Lady Gaga is up with her new video and as expected her styling and clothes are completely unexpected ..!! Somewhere i knew that Alexander McQueen's new collection *that I posted about a while back* would be picked up by Gaga .. & THERE SHE GOES !

Frankly im not very fond of the song .. but u might just like it !
Have a Watch..

Looks like this Lady is going insanely Gaga over Lace .. Here's what she wore at the recent MTV VMA's ..
*I dont know if the red lace dress qualifies as a dress but the crown is sure a promotion for her new video! *

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kat Von D at Sephora

I don't know why but since a few days, my eyes have drifted from clothes & accessories to MAKE-UP big time!! Thats partially because I cant find the right shade of blush for my skin ! Surfing through all of the pancakes in the market, I bumped into Kat Von D's Debut make-up collection!

Something to Roar about !

You must have seen this modern day pin up Tattoo Artist on Travel & Living on her show LA Ink and she stirred quite a few fashion waves with her signature look. In the second season,soon going to be aired in India, we will witness the Launch of her Make-Up Brand exclusively at Sephora called "Kat Von D" itself.

Along with the vibrant lip glosses and set of eye shadow colors ranging from shades of creams & chocolate browns to midnight blues & purples, what I also like about this debut make-up collection is her vanity kit that is also an extension to style.

Looking at her without the layers, she needs her Make-up more than anyone else !