Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things. Moments. Minutes.

Putting together random moments and things i want, need, see, be, wear & share...

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Sigh !

Of Disappointments and Hopes

This has to be the lowest i have ever felt .. i usually refuse to write it out when i am feeling down and out .. but this phase has stuck around a lot longer than it usually does and its bothering me ..
The only thing that makes me hopeful is surprisingly an advertisement by Levis.

God bless its maker and his sentiment cos it screeches right through me.
If i would make this ad, i would happily die in peace after knowing what a great ad i've made

When all is said and done, have you done or said enough?

Have you just gone along for the ride,
Or have you steered destiny's hot rod?
When you leave this world did you make it any better than it was when you arrived?
all you need is all you've got; your wits and the clothes on your back, your epitaph is yours to earn, your legacy is yours to make

Go Forth


Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Diary *Dated 06/10/11 11:41*

Its almost like im embarrassed to be back on my own blog ! I really have to buck up and get myself around here ! Working on it !
So whats been happening .. Well lots but its mostly repetitive .. Work / Home / Friends / Sleep. Put that on loop and that's what my previous 3 months have looked like.
I have realized this current age i am living in has made me all introspective * not the depressive kinds though * and helpless. Its weird cos i read these great things that people are doing and i feel nothing; neither evoked nor inspired. Partly because its all come to a standstill like i am stuck. My love for travel hasn't found its outburst since almost 3 years now and that's my major reason of displeasure.
Talking about travel i want to take a minute here & thank a Mental Martian who f*cked my brain up when he palm read my destiny and foretold that "You aren't ever going to travel babe" Bloody Mofo ! I would splash acid on face right then !!!

Anyhoo I am hoping to write in a lot more than usual & my recent acquisitions will be on display soon !
Till then, listen to the woman who saves my day....

Till next time ... 

Friday, July 1, 2011


Words waiting to be heard ...

No one can sing this so effortlessly addressing a woman than Kailash Kher..
I am such a fan ..

Almost got up dancing classical to this song .. how can you not ? 

Home Coming ...

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of space that you can call your own.. A beloved's finger to hold onto .. a shoulder to lean on at the end of the day..
Sometimes, all you need is an action .. words can be asked to kept silent.
Its surprising how one can turn her own tables around.
Make the world a confusing place to live in when it was calm as the sky on a sunny day ..
When you love someone so dearly yet choose to walk away only dying to return back & be loved again ..

Yes, its all so confusing ..
Life continues to amuse me .. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock !!

Long absences have become a part of my existence at this blog and everytime i have an excuse! Tough times for the family have consumed all our energies for the past two months .. Dad's surgery + Granddad's ill health + Me getting shots for 3 weeks + a billion mishaps all at the same time have made our days tougher. But now there seems a ray of sunshine after the gloomy rainy days and all is coming back on track except for my back pain which just bloody f*cking refuses to go away ! ARGH !

At this moment i have a almost 17 parallel thoughts ; Most of it pertaining to work. Being promoted to Designer for GAP is a huge deal for me but as the wise spiderman says " With great power comes great responsibility" I am working against time each day at BRFL. Deadlines can take the best of you on the worst of days but for some reason its 04:04am right now and i am dyeing to get to work already. There is just sooo much to do ! So much to begin with ! so much to end ! Its gonna be a roller coaster ride for the next 2 weeks ..So charged !

So my Bestie Via and i had a late night talk about how time is running out and we aren't really making the best use of it. It sparked coz of an interview i read of Monica Dogra of Sha'ir & Func fame. She is woman i adore .. really ! Some women have got it all !

You have got to read this ..

So we have decided every night we make a daily deadline that we have to accomplish by the end of next day. And we are gonna make it work this time.

Its time to run .. not to run away .. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Present.

There are posts that you think of and publish them in a jiffy while there are some that lie in your drafts just because you can't express them right. This is one such post.

Its hard to find someone whose had an association with you professionally and still manages to make a significant impact and I consider myself really lucky to have found one even though it was for a mere 8 months. I feel blessed to have found such encouraging seniors at my workplace that shower me with ideas, support, encouragement & the occasional whacks to set me right! I must have done something terribly right in my last life !
Unfortunately my boss *Honestly i find this word too harsh & its usually thought as someone whose born to screw your happiness.. It sounds better to refer to him as the Creative Director of the Company* quit the job and on his last day, he left a present on my desk.

About MPD
At Mudpie we appreciate the demands made on busy professionals working in the fashion and creative industries. With nineteen years experience in the adult, youth and children's markets, we have developed a range of fashion services to help you deliver 'on-trend' garments, colours and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.

Everytime i open this book, there is always something that i haven't seen or have missed ! 
Honestly i don't open this book so often because i am so scared i'll ruin it & then there will be paper folds everywhere !! 
This has to be one of the top 5 most awsomest presents gifted to me ! So inspiring ! So not for everybody ;)
Thanks a ton NG.. !!
This one goes down to my grandchildren :P

P.S. Click on images to enlarge. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Marchesa Fall 2011

Since the last few seasons, Marchesa's designs have been so beautiful almost heavenly but it has come to a standstill. Its almost as everytime i end up saying "Its so Marchesa, so typical of them! ". This time around though there is a change. A minor one but a change did take place. With the tulle voulme that they love to do season after season, there was an introduction to structure. Leg of mutton sleeves in Wrap Dresses, leather cut into lace were some new additions which I am guessing is a welcome change!

Done to death.
Yet so pretty!

Dior Fall 2011 .. The show must go on.

When John Galliano Creative Director & Designer at the house of Dior was sacked it was obvious the news would spread like wild fire. It came as a shock to every single soul who has ever known John. I hope he recovers soon, it cannot be the end of another great designer. Whoever will replace him at Dior will have to fit into some really big size shoes.

Dior's Fall 2011 collection was food for the media to aniticipate a new plot in this drama.  But the show went on and I have to admit, it is one of my fav shows in the entire season.
Starting with the colours used.. so rich and luxe. A shade of blue has picked up great attention in this season. I like it call " Oceanic" . Deeper shades of maroon, grey, blue & greens with their pastel versions formed Dior's colour palette. 

* Drooling in Lust *

050311 :D

5th of March happened to an awsome day !
First because my weekend starts on a saturday *Enough reason to thank the universe*
I finally saw "THE BLACK SWAN"
And the biggest was when i found the song that i have been searching since soo long !

The weekend that just went by was highly awaited because i hadn't had a day off since 2 weeks! How much ever I love my job, i need a Sunday to keep my sanity in place ! I can't work like a mad woman!

The Black Swan:
I can't find words to tell you how brilliant, amazing,thought provoking, real, crazy, scary and everything the movie is ! Natalie Portman had a tuff role to play and she broke all barriers of the performance. Hard to imagine if anyone could put a better act than her. It took a while before Nina could get out of my system. Absolutely Fantabluous !

Mila Kunis who plays the role of Lily in the movie has an interesting plot too. She was the perfect casting. With the face she has, she can dance like a virgin ballerina and with the same intensity kick someone's ass that hard !

And then the day ended with HUGE surprise!
I FINALLY found the track that i had been looking out for since the time Sex and The City I released
Its the most awsomest song ever !  I owe you one K !

You know you are
You feel it in your heart
And your burning and wishin

At 1st wait,it won't be on a plate
Your gonna work for it harder and harder
And I know cause i've been there before
Knockin on door with rejection
And you'll see cause if its ment to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

It's amazing its amazing all that you can do
Its amazing it makes my heart sing
Now its up to you

Patience now frustration in the air
And people who dont care
Well its gonna get you down
And you'll fall (fall)
Yes you will hit a wall
Get back up on your feet
And you'll be stronger and smarter

And i know i've been there before
Knockin on door wont take no for an answer
And you'll see cause if its ment to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

It's amazing its amazing all that you can do
Its amazing it makes my heart sing
Now its up to you

Now I can die peacefully.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Manish Arora Fall 2011 Paris

The season is in full swing with new collections being screened within minutes from every fashion capital of the world. My eyes were sore to see Manish Arora and I guess my expectataions from him have risen beyond the sky  and probably thats why I didn't seem to enjoy his Kaleidescope of a collection this time around. Of every collection that we have all seen, this one seems to be the subdued one. On a macro scale, the collection has received some great reviws with celebrities like Kayne West gracing the front row.

I Don't do Clingy ! :D

I am at work and i have come across awsomeness :D
Watch this !
Its just the outrageous sass you need when you are over and out !

How often do you come across a page like this in a Magazine ?

Absolutely nothing can overpower the might of a print.
What would life be without your monthly dose of Vogue,Elle,Harpers
 however good/bad/ugly/boring they are?
No word written in the above sheet can be argued upon

Where you should be

 Where You Should Be: Skream by AlexandriaMarcela

Now this one has memories .. recent ones .. but beautiful ones.

Where there is silence.
Where your the people who matter are.
Where no word can explain what you feel.
Where they know what you are feeling without the sound of a breathe.
Where you feel welcomed even when there are no arms to hold
Where you should be. 

Dressing it up

A classic case of a random night of boredom landing up into a bunch of clicks. Dressing it up !

Dress: BRFL (Our creation)
Booties (Zara)
Feather chain (Twisted,Inorbit)
Beaded satin neckpiece (Westside)

P.S. I need a Professional camera now ! Like NOW !

And there is also this ...

A continuation to my last post, there can be two songs in life at the same time too

How can you not like this track ?
Bruno Mars.. Thumbs Up!

After an act of Disappearance...

If you have been trying to follow this space you would notice my sudden bursts of absence and this time I have a valid excuse! Not that i want to find an excuse from running away .. its just that work is getting the best for me and what remains is plain body ache and the desire to sleep .. !

Anyhow life is too short for excuses and Ladies & Gentlemen you know I am NOT going anywhere :D

At any given point of life there is a song. THE SONG.
Right now is Tool 10,000 days Wings for Marie.

Sheer bliss.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Owning Titbits.. :)

Season end sales are on everywhere .. and the brand "Lifestyle" being next door to me .. I usually end up flocking there every second evening .. for the love of window shopping
Lifestyle stocks small amounts of a particular brand called "ToniQ". I happened to browse through the section and honestly its not THAT great .. but its picking up slowly and steadily .. and its prices are affordable as well.

I am going to keep an eye on this one. I have had enough of Tribal Zone in every mall !

This is what i picked up from ToniQ .. Super cute and value for money at just Rs.199/-

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its been 8 months since i chopped my locks .. *8 months already !!!* And so my hair took the liberty of forming a weird shape on its own.. and not a very attractive one.
So i decided to take a plunge again and give myself an advanced look.
A cut thats easy to maintain .. needs no blow drier or straightener *which i don't need coz i already have straight hair* is what i am always after and thats what i got .. with a fringe ofcourse .. :)

The drama queen in me had to come out .. as you can see in the pics 
*tsk tsk*

Also a lot of thoughts are running in my head .. a viscous circle of things ..is it meant to happen .. ? will i be ready for it ? what about everything else ? Has the race come to an end or i am at the beginning of another .. 
Heavy stuff .. 
Take my advice .. its not easy being a girl .. ! Phew .. 
Be a man instead .. or a slutty secretary