Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love at first sight!

For those of you who haven't been to the capital of the country and have been dying to shop on the streets of Sarojini Nagar, this post is for you. Having been there once to source for a project, I have promised myself another round of dedicated shopping for all the things you think you don't need but i bet you do.

Sights of para-para-paradise!

If you happen to visit Sarojini, take my word
  • If you pay anything more than 200/-, you will be gawked at
  • BARGAIN ! BARGAIN ! BARGAIN ! Be the cheapster you never thought you could be
  • Anything above 250/- is wayy too expensive!
  • Just repeat after me,"Kya bhaiya, yeh toh 100 rupay mein milta hai! Sarojini ka bhav batao, Zara ka nahi!"
  • Go to Sarojini preferably Monday mornings. You will get to buy 4 garments for just 100 bucks WITHOUT EVEN BARGAINING! 
Cant wait to hit this place again!
Kristel are you listening?   

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is Summer for you?


Burst of colours

Birds & blossoms

Pretty dresses

Beauty in its details


A swirl on the beach

Almost like the shore

Vintage love

Rainbow flavors

Lazy sunrise

The heat!

Looking for a new bag?

When are we not looking for a new bag !? Well i know i am now!
Moving to Delhi hasn't stopped my mall walks *uh, this is mall heaven* and for now joy and no intention of buying, i strolled my way to Forever New. When you think of this brand, i bet all you can think of are pretty pastel ruffled dress, cute skirts, lacy tops and ice wash denim shorts. But to my surprise their new summer collection has some hell of good bags!

I am especially lusting the last envelope bag. Also currently available in a green and navy leather, one hell of a good lucking pick!

Photos courtesy: Forevernew website


The first time i bumped into these sisters was at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2012 earlier this year. In a peaceful corner at the Source, stalled neckpieces, cuffs, rings all under the shade of Outhouse.
Currently selling at Pernia's pop up store, this one's a total sell out!
Usually very picky with the kind of accessories i like, these pieces had me totally smitten!

Women, when it comes to accessories, to be completely humble, take my advice! 
Go spend those greens on this one! 
I bet you a dozen glances! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Aztec Station

Its been long since i got excited seeing a piece of accessory but when i browsed through Nastygal, i instantly fell in love with their Aztec pieces..

Aren't these lustworthy?? 
The last neck piece is high up on my wish list! 
My birthday is next week.
i shall accept these in all kindness.
Thanks already

Have a happy monday!

Print Galore!

I was lost when as soon as i entered Nehru Place *lost in awe!* Where should i begin was my first thought! Ok. firstly Nehru Place, named after Jawaharlal Nehru, is a commercial centre in South Delhi and is undoubtedly the biggest fabric market here. I bet, be it any kind of fabric you need, you will get it. tons of it. in different stores. at different prices. Yes its confusing.

So while picking up metres of fabric for a project at work, i found this!

Bunch of extinct animals on cotton voile 

Cranes in different poses printed on Rayon

It was the season of such conversational prints and they were out in full glory.. Birds, fruits & vegetables, insects to tables, chairs, cups & biscuits.. you name the object, and it was seen converted to prints in bright colours for this season.. Its the kind of stuff you would love to keep on hoarding ! 

Back in the 2010, Miu Miu had dared to showcase a variety of conversationals 
along with their famous cat prints and then suddenly cats prowled to fame!

For Victoria, Victoria Beckham SS12, another version of a kitty came onto the ramps which was further was famously worn by the celebrity herself with Harper Seven in hand. 

Brands across the globe have taken to this trend and haven't seem to be shy in the usage of such fun prints!

Bralets, cropped top by Topshop

Snail print top & camel print dress by Anthropologie

Jukebox print by ASOS

Bird print by Old Navy

FOSSIL shoulder bag

Extending to accessories, beetle print on leather by Fossil would be a great option if 
your uncomfortable wearing an entire garment in an eye catching print

Motorcar print leggings by Topshop

Researching through all the styles that are currently available, i am dying to complete making my 2 shirts using the fabric i picked up! 
Soon you shall see..

Till then, pick a print and have fun with it!