Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wrapping Up 2009..

2009 has seen a big share of influences from all fields to Fashion. In this post, I would like to take time out and bookmark a few people who have made a Big impact in the year that is experiencing its last breathes..

Balmain: Balmain shoulder padded Jackets, Balmain's Ripped jeans, Balmain's metal studs gave birth to this year's biggest trend inspired by the 80's Power Dressing and boy its still going strong!

Michelle Obama: The First Lady of United States Of America is one lady who has a billion eyes on her & for all the good reasons. Experimenting with designers from all over the globe, wearing the right pieces at the right time.. she is Fashion's New Icon!


Lady Gaga: Make way for this Lady and be sure to leave a big way .. because she sure knows how to Make an entrance ! With her outrageous fashion choices & music that leaves you jumping your way to the dance floor .. there is no way you can ignore Ms. GAGA. 2009 saw her sporting some of the most craziest outfits from she being covered from head to toe in red lace at MTV Music awards to sporting McQueen's Sea world inspired collection! I say its essential to have such Icons ..2010 is her oyester..


Wayfarers: This pair of glasses were the Biggest in 2009. Every one and by everyone i mean EVERYONE *even me ;) * bought a pair of these .. Rayban has earned enough to last a lifetime.. * Lol*

Rihanna: Well, don't you agree that her comeback from her bad times with Chris Brown has done wonders to her music & fashion. With singles like Russian Roulette and her stints at Front Rows at recent Fashion Week has made many eyes taken by surprise. Hoping we have a lot to look out from Ms. Rihanna.

Sonam Kapoor: From finding fashion inspirations from around the globe, I come back to my home land, India, and I am truly happy that finally one celebrity is rising up to global fashion trends. I introduce to you. Ms. Sonam Kapoor! Creating chic looks with her Chanel's & Jacob's and just by going the minimalist way, India finally has someone to look up to in terms of Fashion. Wishful Titbits welcomes you wholeheartedly.. Don't disappoint us in 2010 Sonam .. 

Toodles 2009 ..
See you soon 2010 :)

Manish Arora at Paris Fashion Week

Have a look at the backstage drama, the crazy make-up, rain forest inspired creations, the ramp walk and the works .. all at Manish Arora show at Paris Fashion Week!

Applaud For Mr.Manish!

After having worked backstage for Designers Neeta Lulla & Gavin Miguel in the past 4 days .. I am relieved to be in my blog home again .. :)
Its been a while that I posted about someone Indian, our own breed..

I take an effort here to make my blog a little more Desi .. And what better to write about than our very own "Mr.Kitsch", "The Galliano Of India"..
Mr.Manish Arora !
*This line sounds like an introduction given on stage! *Tch Tch*

As you all might not know.. Mr.Arora, The Genius has been showcasing his creations at the Paris Fashion Week for the past 3 years and this year for his A/W collection, his show was considered as the one of the "10 Best Shows of Paris Fashion Week"  You hear me designers!! Woohoo! Way to go Manish !! *applauds in standing ovation"

A few of my favorites from his collection inspired by Rain Forests according to Manish are somewhere he doesn't know but he would definitely love to visit them!

I think Manish imagined the Pandora Planet from the movie 'Avatar' when he created his pieces .. Don't you think?

P.S. Click on pictures for a better view

Friday, December 25, 2009


Seasons Greetings All 
..My Warmest Wishes..

"September, The January of Fashion"

Just got the best insight I could get as to how an issue in Vogue (United States) is actually put together..
Page by Page..One shoot after the other..

Anna Wintour: The Captain who sails the Vogue Ship, Chief Editor of Vogue America is one sole lady who is the driving force of this fashion business *Its naive to limit her to just the Magazine*. Aged 60, sporting a page-boy haircut with dark sunglasses are a common sight in the biggest of fashion shows.

In this documentary, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, Anna Wintour is obviously the centre of focus and professional life with bits of her personal life as well.

With Anna being the brains, Grace Coddington, Creative Director, Vogue (America) is without a doubt the heart of Vogue. Her shoots are spectacular! With a cinematic vision like hers, no wonder her work with the photographers juices out the best in Vogue.

A Must watch, highly recommended to anyone who is curious to learn what goes into making The Fashion Bible.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Catch My EYE !

Well.. I shall have a Tart with some Bugs please ..

Along with the perfect pillow to comfort me while I commit this sin ...

If you are just loving this just as I am.. then you will be delighted to have a look at Soop !!
And would someone be a darling and send me these? * For my new cafe..Haven't you heard?*

Love them!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Barbie : By Louboutin!

The Most Famous Girl in the plastic world: Barbie is the one to get a makeover by Cristian Louboutin, legendary designer of trademark red soled shoes & bags. Barbie now gets 4 new pairs of clothes along with 4 mini shoes created by him with tiny shoe boxes !

But to Barbie's surprise, Louboutin wasn't very happy about her contours and also added that her ankles her too FAT ?! Seriously ? Isn't Barbie 50 already ? She doesn't look like in her Louboutins...

Sex and the City 2 : Painfully Photoshoped !

The first poster you see in the SATC movie that is long gone and seen ..
While the one next to it .. is the upcoming and eagerly awaited Sex And The City 2 which hints us to "Carrie On"..

But when I look at the SATC 2 poster, I can just think of how painfully Sarah Jessica Parker has been photoshopped!! I mean LOOK at her !! Her face along with her skin along with her body ALONG with her bust has been touched upon but I am not sure how tastefully it has been done ! Am i supposed to believe that Carrie is Runaway Model rather than an book writer in the sexed up city ??

Secondly, I definitely and positively detest the extreme photoshopping for the background. No No No!
She could have also worn a much much better dress rather than this ill fitting nothing-so-great white pillow cover! And whats with the glasses !? *Sigh*

Please bring back the Baby doll dresses and the other girls .. This one is sure a Photoshop Disaster!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Fools that We Are..

Fashion brand Provogue is known for snatching the actor of the moment and using them as a publicity tool for their "not so great" clothes (The truth flashing through) .. Anyways! They keep switching their ambassador every three years and this time the tool used is Hrithik Roshan .. and boy he sure does look yummy !

I wonder about the clothes though .. Would you go into a Provogue outlet by just looking at the 'Change' they are fooling us with because you really don't see the clothes on his body which you would pay for, would you ?

Warm Whispers ..

I don't know why but new sounds & tracks always come late to me .. and this one came after a good two years !!! 
Though Better late than Never ...
Missy Higgins, an Australian singer-songwriter is the one i layed my eyes on. Her second album, "On a Clear Night" released way back in April 2007. Warm Whispers from all songs is my pick for you .. and me .. 

Take my word .. Don't miss this ..Its the sweetest thing EVER ..  * It tops my blog music too ! *