Sunday, December 27, 2009

Applaud For Mr.Manish!

After having worked backstage for Designers Neeta Lulla & Gavin Miguel in the past 4 days .. I am relieved to be in my blog home again .. :)
Its been a while that I posted about someone Indian, our own breed..

I take an effort here to make my blog a little more Desi .. And what better to write about than our very own "Mr.Kitsch", "The Galliano Of India"..
Mr.Manish Arora !
*This line sounds like an introduction given on stage! *Tch Tch*

As you all might not know.. Mr.Arora, The Genius has been showcasing his creations at the Paris Fashion Week for the past 3 years and this year for his A/W collection, his show was considered as the one of the "10 Best Shows of Paris Fashion Week"  You hear me designers!! Woohoo! Way to go Manish !! *applauds in standing ovation"

A few of my favorites from his collection inspired by Rain Forests according to Manish are somewhere he doesn't know but he would definitely love to visit them!

I think Manish imagined the Pandora Planet from the movie 'Avatar' when he created his pieces .. Don't you think?

P.S. Click on pictures for a better view

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