Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Diary *Dated 06/10/11 11:41*

Its almost like im embarrassed to be back on my own blog ! I really have to buck up and get myself around here ! Working on it !
So whats been happening .. Well lots but its mostly repetitive .. Work / Home / Friends / Sleep. Put that on loop and that's what my previous 3 months have looked like.
I have realized this current age i am living in has made me all introspective * not the depressive kinds though * and helpless. Its weird cos i read these great things that people are doing and i feel nothing; neither evoked nor inspired. Partly because its all come to a standstill like i am stuck. My love for travel hasn't found its outburst since almost 3 years now and that's my major reason of displeasure.
Talking about travel i want to take a minute here & thank a Mental Martian who f*cked my brain up when he palm read my destiny and foretold that "You aren't ever going to travel babe" Bloody Mofo ! I would splash acid on face right then !!!

Anyhoo I am hoping to write in a lot more than usual & my recent acquisitions will be on display soon !
Till then, listen to the woman who saves my day....

Till next time ... 

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