Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fashion Factory: Mr. McQueen

When i saw this collection, i had absolutely no words.. I am still struggling to put this into words.. What to do you say to such clothes?Just clothes or art pieces? or crazy imagination actually poured into silhouettes? Alexander McQueen is the man who is just the right wacko head who could come out dressed in short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed pieces.

McQueen, according to his logic detailed in a press release, "Was casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves." The result of which was each dress was a work of computer generated art which puts him in the big league of designers who embrace technology with all its glories.

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