Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kat Von D at Sephora

I don't know why but since a few days, my eyes have drifted from clothes & accessories to MAKE-UP big time!! Thats partially because I cant find the right shade of blush for my skin ! Surfing through all of the pancakes in the market, I bumped into Kat Von D's Debut make-up collection!

Something to Roar about !

You must have seen this modern day pin up Tattoo Artist on Travel & Living on her show LA Ink and she stirred quite a few fashion waves with her signature look. In the second season,soon going to be aired in India, we will witness the Launch of her Make-Up Brand exclusively at Sephora called "Kat Von D" itself.

Along with the vibrant lip glosses and set of eye shadow colors ranging from shades of creams & chocolate browns to midnight blues & purples, what I also like about this debut make-up collection is her vanity kit that is also an extension to style.

Looking at her without the layers, she needs her Make-up more than anyone else !


Amnn.......//1! said...

u don need make up ...!!!

Juhi said...

I know im naturally so pretty :)