Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing In The Perfect New Year !

Sitting in a cyber cafe .. I just cannot control my itch to post my 1st write-up in 2010!
The end of 2009 gave me my perfect beginning.. Instead of going out and partying till dawn.. I decided to stay in my nest watching Sex & the City on HBO and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with my favourite bowl of Maggi noodles & a Big Dairy Milk bar till the clock hit 12 ..
Even though I am neither blessed with jaw-dropping clothes nor with Victoria Secret Model body ..I was surprised to feel very comforted watching them both! *Maybe it was the cheese & chocolate running through my blood!*

As soon as last few seconds passed away .. we celebrated my dearest Daddy's birthday ! Hes 53 now .. and am 20 ! 21st century is sure running fast !

Staying at home and looking out of the window bought me the greatest pleasure .. Good thing about modern day homes is you can peep into their houses whenever you want ! During the regular days of the year .. you can see families doing the rugular things .. but yesterday i could see little girls screaming Happy New Year in their pygamas !! .. Families taking pictures together.. A father blessing his little son ..

I just couldn't be happier .. I had the best time looking at the life around me ...
Happy New Years Everyone .. My Warm Wishes ...


Amnn.......//1! said...

u n ur obsession with observing people ...!!!!!!!!

a big dairy milk chocolate ....!!!!
i want one too ,,

Juhi said...

heyy ! go buy it .. its worth every penny ! ..
and yes my obsession with observing still continues in 2010