Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make Way for Jeggings!

Is it a pair of Jeans ?
Is it Leggings??
No No you two .. Don't you know about JEGGINGS?
A new addition into the world of fashion ..these new age Jeggings are *by now you must have got it* a breed between jeans and leggings

I can't figure out who the inventor of Jeggings is?
What must he be thinking .. Jeans are comfortable but not as comfortable as leggings .. but leggings don't look like jeans .. ummm .. Eureka!! I should create Jeggings.. ! *Oh My!*

Jeggings from TOPSHOP

In my opinion, its exactly like what I would do when I would see a rotten rat .. eww away from me ! I think they are absolutely hideous .. !
Wat you think?

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