Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock !!

Long absences have become a part of my existence at this blog and everytime i have an excuse! Tough times for the family have consumed all our energies for the past two months .. Dad's surgery + Granddad's ill health + Me getting shots for 3 weeks + a billion mishaps all at the same time have made our days tougher. But now there seems a ray of sunshine after the gloomy rainy days and all is coming back on track except for my back pain which just bloody f*cking refuses to go away ! ARGH !

At this moment i have a almost 17 parallel thoughts ; Most of it pertaining to work. Being promoted to Designer for GAP is a huge deal for me but as the wise spiderman says " With great power comes great responsibility" I am working against time each day at BRFL. Deadlines can take the best of you on the worst of days but for some reason its 04:04am right now and i am dyeing to get to work already. There is just sooo much to do ! So much to begin with ! so much to end ! Its gonna be a roller coaster ride for the next 2 weeks ..So charged !

So my Bestie Via and i had a late night talk about how time is running out and we aren't really making the best use of it. It sparked coz of an interview i read of Monica Dogra of Sha'ir & Func fame. She is woman i adore .. really ! Some women have got it all !

You have got to read this ..

So we have decided every night we make a daily deadline that we have to accomplish by the end of next day. And we are gonna make it work this time.

Its time to run .. not to run away .. 


Anonymity said...

Interesting times at your end... hope everyone around you is well now. Do take care of yourself.

Congrats on the new position. Enjoy.

Archana Bhui said...

how r u.... long long long time... sorry for all d mishaps... wish u n ur family quick recovery!!!

Juhi said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ! really appreciate !