Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Present.

There are posts that you think of and publish them in a jiffy while there are some that lie in your drafts just because you can't express them right. This is one such post.

Its hard to find someone whose had an association with you professionally and still manages to make a significant impact and I consider myself really lucky to have found one even though it was for a mere 8 months. I feel blessed to have found such encouraging seniors at my workplace that shower me with ideas, support, encouragement & the occasional whacks to set me right! I must have done something terribly right in my last life !
Unfortunately my boss *Honestly i find this word too harsh & its usually thought as someone whose born to screw your happiness.. It sounds better to refer to him as the Creative Director of the Company* quit the job and on his last day, he left a present on my desk.

About MPD
At Mudpie we appreciate the demands made on busy professionals working in the fashion and creative industries. With nineteen years experience in the adult, youth and children's markets, we have developed a range of fashion services to help you deliver 'on-trend' garments, colours and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.

Everytime i open this book, there is always something that i haven't seen or have missed ! 
Honestly i don't open this book so often because i am so scared i'll ruin it & then there will be paper folds everywhere !! 
This has to be one of the top 5 most awsomest presents gifted to me ! So inspiring ! So not for everybody ;)
Thanks a ton NG.. !!
This one goes down to my grandchildren :P

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Amnn.......//1! said...

lots of love from nitin haan ,,,>> top 5 haan ,,,??
which r the othr 5 how mqany gifts have u received ??