Sunday, February 12, 2012

Damn !

Yea, i know i know i lost the will to blog again .. i don't get it ! I, of all people, believe in the power of blogging so much so that i just cannot do without my set of blog reading each day !
Damn the promises that i make to myself !

Anyhoo .. these cribs cease to end ..
Let's build some mood now .. its time i make your soul stir a bit..

These two blokes are worth keeping an eye on ..
From the Mental Martians fame, Sarvesh, introducing himself as 'Sickflip' & Rohaan Talsania as 'RT' come together and create this piece called "Lost & Profound"..

In love with the riff

Will keep you updated on this shizz ..

Have a brill of a Sunday !

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