Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love at first sight!

For those of you who haven't been to the capital of the country and have been dying to shop on the streets of Sarojini Nagar, this post is for you. Having been there once to source for a project, I have promised myself another round of dedicated shopping for all the things you think you don't need but i bet you do.

Sights of para-para-paradise!

If you happen to visit Sarojini, take my word
  • If you pay anything more than 200/-, you will be gawked at
  • BARGAIN ! BARGAIN ! BARGAIN ! Be the cheapster you never thought you could be
  • Anything above 250/- is wayy too expensive!
  • Just repeat after me,"Kya bhaiya, yeh toh 100 rupay mein milta hai! Sarojini ka bhav batao, Zara ka nahi!"
  • Go to Sarojini preferably Monday mornings. You will get to buy 4 garments for just 100 bucks WITHOUT EVEN BARGAINING! 
Cant wait to hit this place again!
Kristel are you listening?   


Kristel-Ann said...

Heard ... Heart print top red placket Sneha jus got it from thr... HaHa .. Lovelyyyy ... True Para-Dise.. Can't wait ...

Juhi said...

Its just the kind of escape we need.

Saumya Parashar said...

Ya so true. Awesome stuff u get there ;)

Juhi said...

I shall keep posting the stuff i pick from there ! ;)