Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, everyone in fashion or otherwise has an opinion of Zara. Some swear by it while others discard it with every collection. For me, I respect the brand and its ability to be so close to season and delivering good style with each of its offering.
During my weekly rounds of surfing through their website, I happen to notice their tab on the corner called Films. *"oh.. this should be interesting", was my initial thought * After watching the films especially 'The Selby', I felt a relief of some sorts, don't know why. So inspiring & such a great addition to their website. Love! 

P.S. Zara doesn't have a share/embed option for viewing the movie but the least I can do is copy paste the link. Do check it out ! 

Also, there is a long list of changes that I have to share in this space. You have no idea how big a shift it is! *pun intended*

Till then...
Hold up those smiles after you watch the short film... 

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