Saturday, May 19, 2012

Change : Chapter 2

For months, when i was cribbing about the changed i seeked in my life, little did i know that it was on its way. Usually the one who tends to get emotionally attached with every little thing that comes my way.. moving out of the comforts of home to Delhi was definitely a bigg change ! *just what i wished for*

So yes, its been 3 weeks since i moved here.. there is no better feeling living alone especially if you have a handful of friends in a new city! Its always a party ! 

The new girl in town is still stunned by culture shocks. I mean people have rajma chawal at any given time of the day whereas in Mumbai, the mighty vada pav, sev puris, ragda pattice reigns! 

Dilli Shilli has is no doubt a very happy city. After they peeps meet with their very loud jhappis and pappis they waddle together to get some chole shole, do some party sharty..c'mon baby, lets dance vance.. you get the drift. The eternal sadist in me will not ever make turn me into this ball of joy that people here are! 

There are a list of places that i want to visit! Call me a tourist, but i want to drive around India Gate at 1am *just like in Rang de Basanti*, spend my life savings at Sarojini Nagar, act like a flithy rich bitch at DLF Emporio Mall just to name a few .. 

This is just the start of my time here and i bet there shall be more! 
Till then..  

P.S. Picked this cloth bag from Play Clan, Bandra, Mumbai before leaving for New Delhi. Cheesy no? *tsk tsk*

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