Thursday, August 16, 2012

Personal Shopper Guide

Being in fashion opens up a myriad of occupations to choose from. But have you ever considered being a Personal Shopper? A personal shopper is someone who you give an idea as to what you would like to buy and in turn, the PS will get you on track with trends and pick up pieces for you that suit your personality the best while maintaining budgets. This career option is slowly on the rise as people who can afford these services and are perpetually on a time crunch or even bored to go shop!
How convenient  is it to shell out some greens and while you are working against your deadlines or chilling with friends, your personal shopper is on the run for you!

While in most parts of the world shoppers charge a bomb, Topshop happens to be one store where they cater to customers for free! Beat that!

Read up on this article about Topshop's very own Personal Shopper Becky Andrews and the way they work it.


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