Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adidas collab with Nicky Minaj!

If you ask me, personally not a fan of Nicky Minaj but that has got nothing to do with the pop icon she has become and the smart business woman she is. After her collaboration with Pepsi & cosmetic giant M.A.C, her next association is with Adidas. Me thinks this is the best time for any celeb to associate themselves with any sportswear brand as the London Olympics is in full swing and is garnering more than billion people's attention.

This video is shot in different locations across the world at the different times with Nicky Minaj & Big Sean with designer Jeremy Scott strutting and dancing on Nicky's song 'Masquerade'. Of what I can spot, I absolutely hate what Nicky is made to wear and honestly this collaboration doesn't get me excited at all!

Still, have a look...

What do you think?

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