Saturday, February 18, 2012


Everyone I know around me are adopting pups. While I have been howling for one, my dearest parents would rather throw me out than get a puppy in.

Anyhoo, while all you lucky ones who have their most loyal pups next to them, this one's for you ! is a space where you  can read up about all the things you need to know before & after adopting .. and the best part is you get these cool outfits for the little ones !! Dog Fashion can only get better!

This one sure calls for a serious Awww!!

Working on Saturday is like ...

That's how bad it can get.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When love takes over..

Being a sucker for romance, for some odd reason, I have never really celebrated Valentines Day. Somewhere it makes me feel its all make belief ! Love seems fake on this day, but there is a ritual I follow of picking up something unique for myself each year.. A conscious effort to make myself feel good on Valentines ! Don't know why though?

Anyway, so keeping up with this annual pattern, I've picked up a ring with the letter "Love" wielded on.

Purchased from this brand of accessories called Qtonic *currently selling at Lifestyle stores* for a measly Rs.249, it also doubles up as a great present apt for today!

Love does come cheap if you look at the right places !

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer 2012 is here ! *well for some of us*

Summer is here and so is the new summer merchandise flocking all the high street brands along with their much awaited ad campaigns 

Listing below the ones I personally adored ! 

Starting with the best one: Bershka
Clearly for the urban youth, a vibe that spreads via casual clothing, colored denims, summer schifflis, and those lust worthy neon details 

All over mixed set of prints were trending through all summer catwalks & are filtering their way through fast fashion brands like Zara & Topshop. Mary Katrantzou's trademark floral prints are coming to Topshop as an exclusively designed capsule collection which are soon to hit the racks & guarantee off the hook purchases ! 

Its a known fact that ZARA's annual expenditure on advertising in a measly 0.3% of their profits compared to a 3.5 - 5 % of other global retailers which lends a huge credibility to the brand that Inditex sub brands have built for themselves. Thus, we usually never get to see print ads or city spread hoardings & solely rely on their website and their stores..
As expected ZARA is spot on with their botanical & scarf prints bundled up with sunkissed pastels in basic silhouettes making way for the new minimalism..

Needless to say, their SS'12 catwalk opened doors to an array of strategically placed scarf prints all in vibrant hues & feminine styles. So much so, this trend has the men drooling for them as well ! 
United Colors of Benetton:
If you are talking about Ad campaigns, you can hardly ever miss out on the attention grabbing shoots by UCB. Color blocking evidently if the biggest trend they are selling and their ad makes me wanna pair up my brick colored chinos with my turquoise shirt ! 

So there it is, the biggest trends to expect when you walk in your favorite stores all across 
Consider yourself warned ! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Damn !

Yea, i know i know i lost the will to blog again .. i don't get it ! I, of all people, believe in the power of blogging so much so that i just cannot do without my set of blog reading each day !
Damn the promises that i make to myself !

Anyhoo .. these cribs cease to end ..
Let's build some mood now .. its time i make your soul stir a bit..

These two blokes are worth keeping an eye on ..
From the Mental Martians fame, Sarvesh, introducing himself as 'Sickflip' & Rohaan Talsania as 'RT' come together and create this piece called "Lost & Profound"..

In love with the riff

Will keep you updated on this shizz ..

Have a brill of a Sunday !