Saturday, April 24, 2010

Colour Play ..

Recently my house underwent major reconstruction .. and this time around .. i was all grown up to decide the colours of my room that i share with my elder brother .. Initially i did think that choosing a colour would be a task .. but it turned out to be more complicated !
Task 1: As i share my room with a boy .. the room had to compliment both of us
Task 2: Decide a mutual colour/texture on a particular wall
Task 3: As our room is really tiny .. we had to make the best use of every space ..
Task 4: Be in budget!

We ended up selecting fiery Red as a prominent colour for one wall and the rest would be mix of cream and pastel yellow .. *thank god for the cream ! .. otherwise my room would be RED and YELLOW ! And i would be living in a circus tent :| ! *

This is a picture of  the room pre-renovation.. *the painter had painted our room using pink and purple !!!! what was he thinking !! *


You have to believe me ..Change Is Good .. :)

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