Friday, April 23, 2010

So that i can see .....Stylishly :)

i have been wearing spectacles since i was in the 7th grade .. and it takes me a while to change my optical frame ..
I usually stick to the tried and tested ones in terms of shape and colour .. but the current one that i own is red turning to grey to red again and frankly im quite bored of it now ..
I wear my eye aids from the time i wake up till the time i sleep and im very particular about that .. for the simple reason that without them i just cant see any damn thing !!

I am on a world wide internet search *my level of exaggeration* to find my next pair of eyes .. and i have bottled down to the colour blue as im quite fond of it now .. i was first thinking of picking up a wooden spectacle but i would drop them almost every hour .. i'd rather stick to the ones in plastic..

Designer spectacles are beyond my reach but i sure do lust these ones !! is an interesting blog .. a must read .. The blogger has also posted an article about BioGlasses which will be made using cucumber skins ! .. Hmm .. now thats a pair i would like to own ! :)


Diven said...

Juhi please buy some ones as these make ur face fatter :)

Juhi said...

hawww ~~!!!