Friday, April 23, 2010

Finding titbits .. 2

With accessories i have phases .. 
I was Bangle crazy in 2009
i am quirky Chains Maniac NOW !

I just cant seem to control my urge to pick what i like in the accessory department !! .. it bloody takes a toll on my pocket money ! :( But its money well spent :)

These are some that i bought which i Lorve !! 

      From Twisted,Inorbit                                Floral neck piece from H&M 

                   Picked from a guy who was carrying                 Small elephant link metal chain with 
                            this in a cane basket!                                          copper sparrow

Art Deco inspired Brooch that i picked up from a small little shop hidden somewhere in Bandra,Mumbai

Im am very attracted to accessories in gold .. particularly becoz where i live .. the air is such that any metal turns into a different colour .. a colour that makes it look antique ...and i am in love with that ! :)


Kristel-Ann said...

The quirky necklace/pendant phase never ends...
Love the 1st and third...

Juhi said...

we shall never let it end fellow blogger .. ;)
P.S. i knew u would like the 1st one .. very Topshopyy