Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding my way ..

A lot happens as time passes by .. a month or two is enough to make the world go around .. leave the impact it has on one individual..
My first fashion show.. My last trip as a student.. My last lecture.. Those Last few moments have passed by .. only a breath remains.. and then i graduate
Graduate to a new life .. a new beginning .. a significant age .. wow .. hard to sink in all this at once ..
Before putting up this blog, i imagined it to be my little diary .. recording every detail of my experience here.. but in this past month .. i found it extremely hard to come here n actually type this out .. its more emotional than u think it is ..
I hope i find my way ..


Amnn.......//1! said...

loll...!! donworry u will ..!!i m more sure o it than u r ...!!

Juhi said...