Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banding my hair :P

Since the time i have cut my tresses, my mother wants them back again. So i am FORBIDDEN to mention at any given point of time that i want to go for a trim/get a new short hairstyle/get a fringe or even think about wanting this length of my hair for the rest of my life. no nO NO!

My short hair is fairly easy to manage. I don't have to comb them. Straighten them. Pin them. I just have to fairly wash them and i am set :). But i guess there is no fun if you don't play around with what you've got right?

I am on a hair accessory Search ! If any of you lucky ones know of places where i can pick more from..Contact me ASAP :)

Hint: I am looking out for hairbands that have feathers on them *Found one at Accessorize but itl burn a hole in my pocket if i buy that!


shruti.. said...

Accessorize is over expensive... head on to Hill road shops...
I am a big fan of hair accessories, keep on collecting them... though never actually wear them.. :P
I have almost 15-16 hair bands and plenty of clips and other accessories which I can't name...:P

before I forget to mention... loved your second last hairband...
where???? where??? :P

Anonymity said...
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Anonymity said...

I probably am way out of line given my "fashion IQ," but that green frame (in my opinion) doesn't suit you. Really sorry if rude.

Juhi said...

Shruti: Hill road is known to everyone. I have picked my most loved pieces from there .. be it clothes/accessories or just about anything .. need to find some new places to dig in ..

vishal: its not green its blue i photoshopped the pic :).. n its fine if you didnt like the glasses .. i love them :)