Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Willow Creek signs ..

Just to tie you back in my loop, yes i am alive !

So im back after a very very long break .. exactly a month to be precise .. and its a good feeling. I haven't been inspired by a lot of anything .. nothing rather .. but not that it has been a boring month .. Now why would you even assume that ? *tch tch*

These entire 4 weeks have been all about work and work and more work! But unlike a lot of unfortunate beings, i practice what inspires me to do the most. Make clothes. Beautiful ones. :)

Also i have suddenly been on the look out for prints. All sorts of them. Florals/Geo/Graphic even literary.

Found Willow Creek Signs on my ever loved site Etsy. Aren't they just Adorable!
Having a quote like that on my wall.. will make be believe i could one day get into my good old short skirts as well !

Hope is what i thrive on.


Amnn.......//1! said...

u have a short skirt u want to get into ..??/

Anonymity said...

Good to have you back; hoping for regular updates.

Magali said...

OMG, I love etsy too! :)

Juhi said...

@AMAN: every girl has something in her closet that she wants to try getting into again !

@VISHAL: i hope too !

@MAGALI: Firstly WELCOME to my blog :) good to see you here .. and who doesnt love etsy ! ;)