Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IndiBlogger Meet: Mumbai

Its a little late in the day but i attended my first ever IndiBlogger Meet on the Sunday that just went by. By now every other blogger that attended the meet would have had a minimum of one post put up on each of their 4-5 blogs *how do these guys manage that!* Even though i maybe repeating the same thing by using the same words i think its worth mentioning on MY blog too! Hmph !

It all started with the Indiblogger team introducing themselves *entertaining*. The first thing i disliked about that part of the agenda was they kept repeating that "we dont know whats gonna happen today. Infact we don't even know what the agenda is!" *That joke of theirs kept boring me to no end !* Moving on, every blogger had to stand up and introduce themselves and get their 30 secs of fame. Some of them were very wacko i must say! 
Some that struck me were "10 reasons why to not Rape your Maid", "Storyteller lady", "Having more blogs than children", "Blogger who used to write about love stories,thoughts when after getting dumped shut down his blog to start a tech blog" *Tch tch*

Then there were some interactive sessions, high tea, entrance of Gul Panag with a healthy debate on Social Responsibility on social networking platforms *sounds interesting but i was fried by the end of it*. A movie screening followed by distribution of some freebies didn't quite attract me to stay on so i left. 

All in all it was a great experience to meet fellow Indian bloggers and discover what they all are up to, most of whom are tech bloggers or write about their personal experiences.

I don't mean to be mean but i might just not attend the next meet guys. Unfortunately i wasn't so impressed.


Sailin Gudhka said...

It was really a gr8 meet. I too was part of it thanks for sharing.

Amnn.......//1! said...

when did this happen y din u tell me bout it ...??