Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Aisha! Such a Disappointment

I almost forgot to mention about Aisha! When everyone started blabbering about Aisha being the Desi Sex and the City, i had to go and check it out for myself and what a waste of time it ended up being!

Casting: Spot on..
Characters: Couldn't be better
Clothes: Biggest of brands..visually very appealing
Acting: Bleh!
Storyline: What storyline? 
This is where the movie just collapsed and fell flat on its head. 
Did i hear something ?.. was it a movie crash ? 

*Tch tch *


shruti.. said...

Juhee, I have watched stupidest of the movies just for the love of chick flicks...
Aisha was a visual treat... same goes for Confessions of a shopaholic, Devil wears and Bride wars...
no matter how shallow these movies are... I always have something or the other to relate with... :P

Anonymity said...

Did you by any chance, find the movie feudal?

Juhi said...

feudal ? in what way ?

Anonymity said...

Really sorry for the late reply...

I meant feudal in the sense that throughout the movie, the whole point was that if you are not into "high-end" brands, you ain't cool; for example, when the girls go shopping, they go to DLF Emporium and shop LV and stuff like that. And of course, the leads actress drives a 20 lakh Beetle, just to show how cool she is. This ort of stuff... this is what got to me with regard to this movie.

How's the job coming along?