Monday, September 7, 2009

Indian Drape

The Sari is believed to have born in the North and South India and now is a symbol for the country. Some costume historians believe that the men's dhoti, the oldest Indian draped garment, is the forerunner of the sari. They say that until the 14th century, the dhoti was worn by both men and women!
Our very own drape fashions the female body like no other unstitched piece of clothing and no wonder is still creating ripples over the globe.

Starting off with spring/summer 2008, Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès launched his collection giving a complete tour of India incorporating the classic Nehru jacket, dhotis, saris and turbans.

For Ready to wear fall-winter 2009, Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga chalked out a sari-inspired collection progressing to design a modern translation in satin, printed silk and dévoré velvet.

The Pussycat Dolls draped in Saris designed by Rocky S for the 4th Annual Fashion Rocks event, New York
*The choice of saris could be better, but with bodies like theirs .. they could carry off anything still making women die with envy!! *

Constant experimentation with the drape has lead to creation of modern version with quirky prints as well.
 One of many that I have come across.. My maid wearing a sari with a XOXO border in print :O !!


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