Friday, September 11, 2009

Paper Planes :)

In a span of 3 hours every Friday, we in class are supposed to Drape a garment based on a particular element of design. I am sure my classmates will agree to this that this class forces us to experiment with fabric on human body in unlimited no. of ways! This week we were challenged to create a garment placed any where on the body using Origami. The 1st class we all spent trying to fold fabric in ways which will stay in place. My draping partner Kristel-Ann and me decided to go ahead with a particular design but this is what we ended up with just in 2 hours!

It ended up looking like we were arranging airplanes on a garment to be worn by the high flying fashion conscious space women *if women like those exist!!* lol!

But we loveee it ! do u ?

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