Saturday, September 5, 2009


  • We finally completed our one week course on how to use CAD for making blocks and plotting today..
  • Its exam was the most co-operative event that EVER took place in my class ..not only my classmates but also my CAD teacher was sitting with us and answering all the questions in the paper :P
  • I have left Twilight in the middle .... :(
  • Working on our media management assignment on Branches in the Fashion Industry ... :|
  • No one is sending me the scans of their illustrations for the website.. Guys!! doing a noble deed by putting it together for our website * humble request ;)*.. if only these girls could co-operate like the way we gave our CAD paper .. *Refer to bullet one*
  • Its been more than one and a half month and i havent even coloured One croqui for my portfolio for Ken's class .... BLAH !
  • Thinking about my next post....
Nothing important really happily ignore this post .. :P

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