Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is this really a new Decade?

While everyone feels a renewed energy at the start of a year, I always end up feeling the same. Nothing really has ever changed with the start of the year for me .. has it ever been for any of you ?
To me what really changes a day, a week, a month is an inspiration. A force to do something.. to start a chase.. to begin having faith.. and it bums me in the most unbelievable of places. Like the bathroom.. or during a journey in a train while staring at people .. while walking back home or even while window shopping.
This time around my inspiration has come to me through an article i recently read of Padma Laxmi in Jan issue of Vogue: The Shape Issue. This issue is always a great read as we women are obsessed with what i call the "Fat Talk"

Aishwarya Subramanyam (Managing Editor,Vogue India) begins the article by describing Padma struggling to get into the strapless Blumarine dress to stay up under the weight of her impossible breasts. Swathed in morning light, carelessly draped over the bed, covered in curves, she's male fantasy made flesh. 
After a series of questions, the answers in the end are food for thought. 
Padma on Age: " I've never looked or felt better. What you lose in youth, you gain in sex appeal; what gravity takes away, you gain in wisdom.
On Plastic Surgery ( A term so common as rising prices of Onions!) : "Everyone gets the face they deserve at 50. I'm 40 now and looked better than I ever have because i know what to do with my body and skin. The faces I'm most attracted to are the faces that have lived. 
I don't judge people who decide to go under the knife. But when it comes to me, my pride is involved. I want to look the way I do because of the effort I put into it.My own vanity is at stake. That's why i run up and down the stairs at the crack of dawn. I want to be able to say that I did it. That I got my Body Back ! "

Thats it ! This is my last GulabJamun of the 2011 ! Just one more bite and from tomorrow you'll find me running up the staircase too .. So inspired !

I can and I WILL HAVE A BACK THIS TINY by the end of this year !
Damn you all !!

And Oh ! Happy New Yearssss!! 
*Almost forgot*

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