Monday, January 10, 2011

Say my Name Say my Name ..

There is nothing that beats female vocalists in any kind of sound and i am most partial to voices that are rugged, raw and untouched by commercial sounds. Came across one such band called "THE CHEAPMUNKS" through my best friend's Vai's blog. I can totally imagine you singing a number like this and kicking the ass with it. You gotta follow this Paki group. 

So Beautiful .. O Humdum from the movie Saathiya also happens to hide back a lot of memories. How i still love it. Still thinking about it after all these years.. 



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Boshika said...

Awesome. :D
PS: I read a couple of posts and i must say,
1. I LOVE your neck pieces! <3
2. The new year isn't exactly "new" for me either. :/
3. Rock on! ;)

Juhi said...


1. :D
2. :S
3. ;)