Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pantone Chip Cookies !

This has to be by far the coolest edible item i have come across in my life !!
And I know all you design junkies will stare at my post for almost 15 mins trying to absorb this !
Behold ......................................... PANTONE CHIP COOKIES !!

I couldn't stop myself from posting about the totally awsome Kim Neill. Kim happens to be a freelance designer and an illustrator who was inspired by these Pantone Tin Boxes! 
She worked with Royal Icing to create the exact colours and even burst her "luster dust" to create the Metallic  Chip cookie!
You can find out more about Kim and her recipe HERE 

* Right now I am imagining myself in my office sitting with my Pantone tin box and with every doubt in a choice of color .. I pick a cookie and say " Ah! this tastes the right Colour ! Voila ! " tsk tsk ..*
Life would be a happy place :)

Is a certain Ms. La Porte digging into the recipe already ?? 

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