Friday, January 28, 2011

And you're in my Mirror because .. ??

So i've just got home after watching a spectacular movie called BURLESQUE..
The glam
The oomph..
The tease..!
Its growing on me so much that even when there were 4 other people besides me in the theater.. I felt like i was a part of a crazy audience sitting there to watch a great show !

The casting couldn't be better ! So spot on ..
Cher was her glamorous best even at an age of 71!! *I can only wish to be as fit & sexy at age even close to 50 !*
Christina Aguilera is blessed with voice of the Heavens ! 
Stanley Tucci is always a pleasure to see 
Cam Gigandet *Lustingggg *
Perfect Posterboy !

Ahem Ahem!
Anyhoo .. back to the discussion.. 
A must watch for all you dance and drama fanatics.. I love-d-d-d every bit of it .. even the costumes and the make-up!

Shimmy'ing away the night ... so in the mood .. Ta-daaaaa

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