Friday, June 4, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier's Plastic dreams with Melissa

Known worldwide for its innovations with shoes using Plastic, Melissa, a Brazilian brand, will now be showcasing its brand new shoe designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself !! .. 
The USP of this shoe is that it is completely Recyclable and goes out in stores in June and is priced at $160

Methinks the 10cm long plastic heels look quite sassy yet very commercial! 


Anonymity said...


How do you women walk on those? These are not heels, these are stilts.

Juhi said...

lol .. even though wearing such high heels *stilts* are a huge pain .. every woman will agree to the fact that its a huge ego boost. You feel confident and tall and suddenly have a personality .. im 5ft tall ! it makes me feel im on another floor ! the weather feels different too

Anonymity said...

Oh come on... Miss Khanna needs no ego boast! She's 5 feet of good jolly-ness!

Juhi said...

So you have formed a mental image of me already? 5ft tall jollyness !
hehe ..