Saturday, June 5, 2010

See.. Observe.. Grasp.. Comment !

Interning with an export house has by far been my best rendezvous with fashion. I had no idea i would learn so much. I am not going to discuss what brands the company deals with or any of their of their designs ofcourse! But I can indulge in saying that today i received a "Trend Presentation" aka "Inspirations" pdf file sent by a buyer (high end UK based brand). It includes the best kept info on fashion forecasts, colour forecasts, fashion influences, influence of music/art/celebrities/bloggers on upcoming trends and styles not only for clothing but also for accessories that are anticipated for the next year's season.

When i was going through the pages in this pdf file, i was soo overwhelmed! After a very long time something inspired me to such an extent that i could not stop flipping through the document pages. So many pictures! so much to grasp! So much of Fashion ! A lot of my questions on Couture & Avant Garde have been answered because I am getting to understand the business of fashion better .

Landing on a different tangent..I have always believed that fashion is a luxury. Everyone can live without it. If a man/woman was asked to live in a set pair of clothes, he/she wouldn't die! Its because we have the time, money, and will to experiment with looks, clothes and the desire to feel good about ourselves that makes fashion accessible. Its all a matter of time when designer clothing trickles down to high end stores and then gets mass produced in the same styles that are tweeted to suit a larger section of customers.

I don't know how I have ended up writing such vague random things but i had to express myself somewhere! What better than my blog which also doubles up as my diary !

Coming back,I shall be informed if i can be hired on the 17th of June. I am trying not to think of the results but if this doesn't turn out to way i want it to be, my next interest is to pursue a job at a fashion magazine Giant like Vogue *read only Vogue*. Its the next and only thing that makes sense to me!

Now that i have mentioned Vogue, it reminds me to talk about the June issue that is out now. It seems blah to me. The cover to begin with is not inviting at all! Jacqueline Fernandez!! Really ? Vogue didn't get anyone better? Its sad they couldn't even dress her well !

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Anonymity said...

Ah... Miss Khanna is back with a bang. The rant (if we can call it that, which me thinks is inappropriate) was good; I had fun reading it.

I'm pretty certain you'll be selected, so buckle up.

Juhi said...

:) *fingers crossed* !


pRasad said...

Lucky gal :) .. Enjoy internship..

Juhi said...

Yes till now i am ! :)

Saloni said...

Go Juhi Go!!!!!!!!!!

I really like how you describe fashion as a luxury. Very well said. :)

All the best!

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