Sunday, June 27, 2010

Falling flat on their Jimmy Choo's !

So i finally got the time to see the much awaited Sex and the City 2 and i am sure you are wanting to know what i think about it :P

Well not all movies/sitcoms have such a big influence on fashion but SATC did darn good job with its 1st round. By now i did hear a lot of reviews trashing the movie and clothes and storyline *not that it has something new ever*. I do read a lot of feedbacks after a movie release but i still go and pay to see it if i find it interesting. Thus, i went for it today.

Firstly I started getting immensely bored in the beginning with the whole marriage scene and was waiting for the drama to unfold. But nothing really happened throughout the movie. It was dull and it lacked The Sex and the City spunk without a doubt. The clothes just seemed too flashy to me and everyone looked so botoxed! Patricia Field *celebrity stylist responsible for all the clothes/accessories worn by the leading starlets* maybe was on a different track when she selected some of pieces that looked oddly matched rather than an interesting mixed print. And if she has the time can she also explain why was there soo much bling in EVERY single garment?

More than anything i was expecting the world of dreams to pour out from my 2:25 minutes in the theater but i ended with a review much like a million others. 

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Saloni said...

What in the world... I'm dying to see this movie, but the whole idea of seeing the 4 women decked up in a desert... the whole image itself is a put off... I've no idea how I'm gonna gulp this one down :O