Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashion Bloopers ..3

You know that once in a while i post a fashion blooper.. This happens to be my 3rd !

You can still be a superman even if u wear your boxer shorts on the outside 
instead of those red crotch clinging briefs..
They have denim pockets too ! 

Its all about the comfort my daring supermen 

P.S. Drop your jaw when i tell you they are a Dolce & Gabbana creation!


Anonymity said...


Miss Khanna, since you know way more about fashion than I ever will, I would like to ask you as to what exactly was the designer thinking here?

Anonymity said...

Forgot to add in the above: how's the internship coming along?

Anonymity said...

Miss Khanna, any news on your selection for the job?

Juhi said...

In reference to comment 1 : I don't even want to get to what the designer was thinking !!

Comment 2&3 : I GOT THE JOB !!! :)

Anonymity said...