Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few lifts here and a little fold there.. and Voila !

There is one thing i have realized. I could never change my profession and be an interior designer or even do up my own house!.. I completely lack the understanding of how and what to do when you are given a piece of space to shape up. I get so fumbled but these guys know a lot more than what we could even think of .. !

A video is came across on youtube..... where else !?


Anonymity said...

While that certainly is impressive, I see many problems with long-term usage. For example, are those folding (and therefore, lightweight) beds as sturdy as conventional (and heavier) beds? Also, in the real world, dust and dirt would tend to clog those joints and pivots; this is a major issue. Oxidation (rusting), too, would be a big problem. Plus, did you notice that the stuff that was kept on the shelves was light and had less volume?

Again, I might be wrong with regard to all of the above, but as of now, I'm far from impressed.

Anonymity said...

Zamn... that was a big rant.

Really sorry; it is just that interior design is one of the things that interests me. :(