Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion's Entry in the Animal Kingdom!

Fashion has long been inspired by all forms of nature. Floral prints, Flower embellishments, animal prints being the most over saturated. Now it seems like fashion is taking a sudden entrance into the Wild!
Hard to imagine? I shall explain through pictures:

It all seem to start with Miu-Miu, harmless little cats and dogs and swallows hovering in their prints.

Dolce & Gabbana knitted Reindeers for their A/W 2010 R-T-W collection

You cannot leave behind Roberto Cavalli when you talk about animal prints, now can u ?

Back in national boundaries, we all loved Rimzim Dadu's A/W 2010 collection that she proudly showcased at Spring/ Resort Lakme fashion week 2010 *tch tch*. Was lucky enough to see the show live and i adored every bit of the negative energy that floated. The owls were just so gorgeous! 

Chopard jumps right into the wild celebrating its 150th Anniversary with its Animal Kingdom Collection exploring a variety of animal motifs as centre pieces for their watches and jewelry

 A whole lot of pretty animals to adorn this season! 

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